Texas Tech University

T J Geiger II

Dr. Geiger conducts research in the areas of religious rhetorics, feminist rhetorics, rhetorical history, rhetorics of science, and deliberation. He is the author of Faithful Deliberation: Rhetorical Invention, Evangelicalism, and #MeToo Reckonings (University of Alabama Press, 2022). His work has appeared in peer-reviewed journals, such as Rhetoric Society Quarterly, College English, Rhetoric Review, Composition Studies, and Peitho. Throughout his career, he has taught courses in rhetoric, professional and technical communication, spiritual writing, persuasive writing, science writing, creative nonfiction, civic writing, style, and literary theory. 

Before receiving the Ph.D., Dr. Geiger received a BA in history and English from Lamar University. He then received an MA in English and a graduate certificate in women's studies from Texas Woman's University. 

Ph.D. Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, Syracuse University


Faithful Deliberation: Rhetorical Invention, Evangelicalism, and #MeToo Reckonings (University of Alabama Press, 2022) 


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Scholarly Note 

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Poetry & Reviews 

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Assistant Professor
Technical Communication and Rhetoric

Email: tj.geiger@ttu.edu