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Later British Literature

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Studying Later British literature with TTU English faculty gives students a wide range of possibilities and approaches. We define Later British literature inclusively: literatures written in Britain and its colonies and former colonies since 1700. Our faculty are experts in eighteenth-century, Romantic, Victorian, modern, and post-modern literature, with particular interests in gender theory, women writers, gothic drama, history of the novel, twentieth-century poetry, book history, digital humanities, and literature and science. Our curriculum fosters critical engagement with literature and culture by challenging students to seek new perspectives and methodologies, from book history to gender studies to post-colonial theory.

We offer 2-3 seminars in Later British literature each year. MA students are required to take one course in post-1700 British literature as a general requirement, and they may take up to 15 hours (5 courses) in Later British literature, and/or write a thesis in a particular later British field. PhD students may choose to specialize in a particular area of later British literature, in which case they must take up to 18 hours of courses directly relevant to the area of specialization, and they must also take qualifying examinations and write the dissertation in that area. Our faculty are always excited to work with thesis and dissertation students.  A Later British reading group (including both students and faculty) creates opportunities for informal discussion and community as well.


For more information about the Later British specialization at Texas Tech University, please contact:

Dr. Marta Kvande