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Book History & Digital Humanities

An engraving of a Smith printing press

The interdisciplinary minor in book history and digital humanities gives undergraduate students the chance to study the history of texts as physical and virtual objects as well as the ways that digital resources can help us do research in literary studies and other humanities fields. Book History studies the text as material object and the ways texts are made and circulated. Digital Humanities uses digital resources to carry out research like textual analysis or database building, but you don't need to know how to code to get started.

The minor's core course (ENGL 3350) offers an introduction to the study of book history and digital humanities. Other courses in the minor cover a wide array of topics, including the creation of medieval manuscripts, the transition from oral to scribal to print texts, the nineteenth-century industrialization of print, the history of film, and the history of the internet and digital books, as well as letterpress print making and web design.

Students should consult with the minor director, Dr. Marta Kvande, concerning course selection and progress toward the minor.


The book history and digital humanities minor requires 18 hours of coursework, at least 3 hours of which come from ENGL 3350 Topics in Book History and Digital Humanities.


  • ENGL 3302 Anglo-Saxon Literature
  • ENGL 3303 Medieval Literature in English
  • ENGL 3307 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature
  • ENGL 3360 Issues in Composition (when taught as Technologies of Writing)
  • ENGL 3368 World Wide Web Publishing of Technical Information
  • ENGL 4368 Advanced Web Design

Other ENGL courses may count for the minor when taught with an applicable focus. Consult this page for recent and upcoming classes or ask the director of the minor. Courses that sometimes count for the minor (depending on instructor) include:

  • ENGL 2321 Global Literature I
  • ENGL 3305 British Renaissance Literature
  • ENGL 3323 Early American Literature
  • ENGL 3384 Religion and Literature
  • ENGL 3385 Selected Plays of Shakespeare
  • ENGL 3387 Multicultural Literatures of America
  • ENGL 3386 Literature and Science
  • ENGL 3388 Film Genres
  • ENGL 4315 Studies in Film
  • ENGL 4360 Studies in Composition

Students may also choose up to three hours from outside of the College of Arts and Sciences, including:

  • ARTH 4307 History of the Book as Art
  • ARCH 4324 Introduction to Historic Preservation

Upcoming Courses, Fall 2021


  • ENGL 3302: British Literature Before 1066
    Dr. McFadden


  • ENGL 3307: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature
    Dr. Kvande


  • ENGL 3368: World Wide Web Publishing of Technical Information
    Dr. Baehr


Upcoming Courses, Spring 2022


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