Texas Tech University

Contact Building Services

The LBSI is staffed by three full-time positions. Each individual is responsible for specific areas. However, we are all cross-trained to be able to maintain departmental services when others are out of the office.

Please fill out the request form to report building issues for the Texas Tech Libraries, Southwest Collection/Special Collection Library, as well as the Library and Southwest Collection Remote Storage Facilities.

If the problem is urgent or may cause injury to persons or damage to property, please phone (806)742-2267.

Jordan Moore – Unit Manager

Manages department work-load, development and planning of Library projects, renovations, relocations, expansions, and/or reconfigurations. Acts as Building Emergency Manager.

Breawna Sellers – Building Services Section Coordinator

Manages incoming Work Requests, acts as liaison between University and Off Campus Work Crews, maintains Work Request database, Library Fleet of Vehicles, and coordinates student work assignments.

Charley Pope – Setup Lead Specialist

Coordinates setups and staging of Library functions, manages inventory of tagged TTU resources, and is responsible for the Library mailroom and delivery of mail/packages.