Texas Tech University

Inventory and Surplus

University property is audited once a year for inventory purposes and will be monitored with "spot checks" on occasion by the Libraries Building Services & Inventory personnel. Equipment which is listed in Inventory has been given a tag with a 6-digit number affixed to it. Accountable property should not be moved/relocated unless LBSI and LTMS has been notified.

Please note:
LBSI will not move or set up computer equipment. LTMS must be contacted to move and/or set up computer equipment after furniture has been moved by LBSI department. Requests for removing or relocating computer equipment may be initiated through the Building Services and Inventory request form.

If, over a period of time, equipment or furniture becomes obsolete or unusable, you may contact LBSI to surplus what you no longer wish to use. You will need to fill out the Surplus Form and request that the equipment or furniture be removed from your office. Surplus forms can be emailed to libraries.lbsi@ttu.edu.