Texas Tech University

Policy on Issuing of Keys to University Libraries Facilities

The Libraries keys will be issued to the Libraries faculty and staff only. Temporary employees and student assistants will not be issued keys to the University Libraries buildings, for either external or internal use. Keys issued to the faculty or staff will be the individual's responsibility. Exceptions will be central location keys such as the key to Remote Storage and van keys. There are checkout procedures for any keys with central locations.


A faculty or staff member should request a key from their supervisor using the Key Request Form by filling out the Key Request Form on the Libraries Building Services & Inventory website or SharePoint. The completed form should be signed by the appropriate supervisors, Associate Dean, and Library Dean, and routed to Donna Ortega in the Administration office, Room 310C. After this, the Building Services Section Coordinator will be notified to request the key. Once the key is ready to be picked up at the Lock Shop, the individual faculty or staff member will be notified by email.

Beginning September 1, 2020, the Lock Shop will charge for abandoned keys (keys that were cut but not picked up) within the 30 day time limit.

Lock Shop location:
The Lock Shop is a part of the Physical Plant building located at the northwest corner of Flint Avenue and Main Street (take Flint north to Main; at the light, take a left; take the first right, into the parking lot, and that building on the corner is the lock shop). Look for the sign for the Lock Shop on the building you won't have trouble finding it. They are located in room 110. Lock Shop hours are 7:45AM-5:00PM.