Texas Tech University


The Libraries Building Services & Inventory provides mail pick-up and delivery service (twice daily) in the main Texas Tech Library. All outgoing mail should be delivered to Room 108 properly addressed and packaged. The mail room manager will handle all postal charges for departmental mail. Any parcels to be shipped by FedEx, UPS, or other carriers should already be prepared for shipment upon arrival in the mail room.

The list below gives approximate delivery/pick-up times for the carriers who deliver regularly to the Texas Tech Library.

MailTech (USPS Mail) Delivery and Pick-up 8:30 AM/ 1:30 PM
FedEx Express Delivery 10:00 AM; Pick-up 4:30 PM
FedEx Ground Delivery 9:00 AM; Pick-up 3:30 PM
UPS Delivery 12:00 PM

If your department needs mail supplies or if you have any questions about the library mail service, email the mail room manager or call (806) 742-2267.

NOTE: Please print the recipient's full name and department as well as the sender's department on all envelopes. Mail not fully addressed may have to be opened to determine account charges.