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Finding Theses & Dissertations

Note: Most December 2022 titles have not been published yet due to a technical error. If you need your ETD published, contact us via email below.

Texas Tech University Titles

Use the search box above to search the catalog for TTU theses and dissertations available including electronic-only titles (ETDs) and our print legacy collection (1930-2005).

Note: Some works are time or affiliation restricted. You may request the author grant an access-exception by filling out the request form that appears when trying to access the digital file.

TTU School of Music Recitals & Related Titles

In addition to using the search box above, you may also browse School of Music recitals in our repository.


Other Institutions' Titles

The ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database has titles from participating universities around the world, including citations and the full text digital copies.

Google Scholar indexes other universities' dissertation repositories that may not be represented through ProQuest.


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