Texas Tech University


Grant Period

The grant is intended to be used in the twelve months immediately following the award announcement.

Acceptance Letter

An acceptance letter must be signed by the recipient and postmarked no later than thirty days after the date of the award letter.

Payment of Award

After accepting the award, and at least one month before traveling, the recipient should contact the Library Travel Officer in the Library Dean's Office concerning travel policies and the processing of necessary documents. For the sake of consistency, it is preferable that the Library Travel Officer process all travel documents. Payment will be made through University travel application procedures.

Final Report

Within three months after the ending date of the grant period, the recipient must submit a report that:

  • Reviews the research completed during the grant period
  • Assesses the impact of the research on the progress of the grantee's project;
  • Confirms that the allowable expenses for the research trip totaled at least the amount of the award (up to $750.00). Appropriate receipts need to be included with the report.