Texas Tech University


Year Name Department Press Release
2021 Cecil R. Short Curriculum and Instruction News Release for 2021 Open Access Award
2021 Rosalyn A. Shim Plant and Soil Science
2021 Jacob Kirksey Educational Psychology, Leadership, and Counseling
2021 Nicholas David Bowman Journalism and Creative Media Industries
2019 Jon Thompson Chemistry News Release for 2019 Open Access Award
2019 Miquel Levario History
2019 Nick Smith Biological Sciences
2019 Sandip Pal Geosciences
2018 Michael J. Faris English News Release for 2018 Open Access Award
2018 Russell N. James III Personal Financial Planning
2017 Gilson, D. English

News Release for 2017 Open Access Award

2017 Binks, Martin Nutritional Sciences
2017 Robert-McComb, Jacalyn Kinesiology & Sport