Texas Tech University

Enter the 3rd Dimension: Discover 3D Animation at the University Library

The University Library houses a 3D Animation Lab where resources to enter the third dimension are FREE to students, faculty and staff!

Whether you need to design a 3D model for architecture, interior design, engineering or landscaping; whether you need to build a human model for biology or whether you'd just like to explore the world of 3D animation the University Library has everything you need – FREE!

The 3D Animation Lab, located in the Digital Media Studio (DMS) on the second floor (east) of the University Library, is a learning center for all aspects of 3D and for all levels of users. Recently expanded, the lab has 20 Windows® workstations (running Windows® XP) with Apple® 30-inch Cinema HD display monitors. Not to mention the most widely used 3D software for modeling, rendering and animation such as:

  • 3D Studio Max

  • Blender

  • Maya

  • Animation: Master

  • AutoCAD Suite

  • Deep Exploration SE

  • Poser

  • and many more!

The lab also has a collection of training tutorials covering the tools in the lab as well as a number of computer models in various formats, textures in a large range of materials, animated backgrounds and other add-ins to the software programs in order to help you begin.

Plus, the Library's 3D animators are eager to lead your discovery of 3D animation through the 3D Animation Short Courses. The short course program covers five independent courses on 3D animation good for beginners to pros. Each course is taught at different times and on multiple days throughout the semester for your scheduling convenience. Visit the 3D Animation Lab's Web site for more information on short course schedules, registration and descriptions.

All of these resources and more are available to Texas Tech students, faculty and staff FREE in the 3D Animation Lab at the University Library.

Forget what you think you know. Rediscover the Library.