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Cooking Tough Meats...and Other Historical Curiosities in the Libraries' Digital Collections

Cook something up in the Libraries' Digital Collections with Cooking Tough Meats, a historical cookbook, and other historical artifacts.

Not a cook? How about some virtual sightseeing – no suitcase required!

The University Libraries' Digital Collections include unique, exclusive Texas Tech collections that are accessible online. Whether you're looking for rare 1747 Shakespeare volumes or the world's architecture and art, you can discover digitized history at your fingertips.

The Libraries' current Digital Collections include:

  • 99,500 architecture, art and design images

  • Historical family photos

  • Streaming sound

  • Rare and uncommon books and materials

  • Historical cookbooks

Avoid exhausting searches for high-quality images. The Digital Collections' descriptive search capability makes finding architecture and art images that are high-resolution and professional quality a breeze. Plus, the images are easy to download and use in your research paper or for your PowerPoint presentation.

The University Libraries' Digital Collections, although still in their early stages, contain materials that contribute in some valuable ways to ongoing research and education at Texas Tech. Like any other library or museum collection, each digital collection has some unifying element and is of lasting interest to researchers and educators. Unlike other library or museum collections, our Digital Collections are available online and can be accessed from the comfort of your own home.

Visit /library/about/collections/localdigital/index.php for more information on the University Libraries' Digital Collections.

Additional Information about the Digital Collections

During an era that has produced Wikipedia and Amazon, which many find more convenient than Britannica and the local bookstore, organizations throughout the world are struggling to bring their services into the online digital environment. The Texas Tech University Libraries are no different. Toward this end, in February of 2006, the University Libraries chartered a Digital Library Initiatives Team that has begun structuring a foundation to support a wide array of digital library services. Through these services, the Libraries will strive to make quality information usable and widely available in digital format for its patrons.


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