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3D Animation Short Courses

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Location - 3D Animation Lab, Digital Media Studio, second floor (east), Library

Short Courses -

  • 3D Lab Orientation*

    Ever wondered what 3D is all about or what exactly is inside the Library's 3D Animation Lab? Even if you know a little about 3D and would like to know more before beginning to use the 3D Lab's resources, this course will answer questions like:
    • What is 3D?
    • What is the 3D Lab's mission?
    • How did animation get started?
    • How has 3D evolved?
    • How can 3D be used?
    • What resources does the Digital Media Studio have to offer?
    • What hardware does the lab offer?
    • What software does the lab offer?

*This course is not a hands-on course, but rather an overview of the 3D field and resources in the lab. Please explore our other short course offerings for hands-on 3D topics.

  • 3D Journey

    Take this 3D journey as your own personal starting point to explore free 3D models available for download on the Web. This course features how to move models around from program to program, convert to different formats and use a variety of programs that can do a lot for you with basic program navigation knowledge. We'll focus on people and natural scenery (animals, plants, terrains). You'll learn:
    • How to import models into Poser
    • How to export animations fromPoser into Vue Infinite
    • How to modify models using basic skills you learn in the course
  • Introduction to the 3D Process & 3D Modeling Theory*
    So, you're excited to begin your very first 3D production and you're anxious to know what needs to be done and how to get started, right? This course will first teach you about the steps necessary to complete a 3D production and then jumps head first into Maya (a professional 3D application).

    In this course you will learn:
    • Maya's user interface
    • How to create basic 3D shapes (called “primitives”)
    • How to modify basic 3D shapes into whatever you want

*This is the best place to start in our series of Maya short courses.

  • Introduction to 3D Animation & Kinematics*

    You've got access to 3D models and now you're ready to make them move! In this course you will learn:
    • Maya's user interface (briefly)
    • Basic animation principles
    • Keyframe animation in Maya
    • Creating a “playblast” to preview your animation in real time
    • Forward & inverse kinematics theory
    • Character rigging (introduction)

*This is the second in our series of Maya short courses.

  • Introduction to 3D Texturing & Rendering*

    “I have some awesome 3D models, but they don't have any color on them.” If you find yourself in this boat, then we have a course that can take your models to the next level!

    In this course you will learn:
    • How to apply “shaders” to your model
    • UV mapping
    • How to apply “textures” to your model
    • How to turn your animations/3D art into a finished picture or movie

*This is the third in our series of Maya short courses.

If you have any questions regarding the short courses, please contact the Library's DMS Service Desk at 806.742-2245.

We'll see you in the 3D lab!


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