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How to Do a Literature Review – Feb. 19, 2009

How to Do a Literature Review

Get an A on your next class assignment for a literature review.

How to Do a Literature Review
9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Thursday, 2.19.09
Library Instruction Lab | Room 150

Open to all students, faculty and staff.
RSVP or registration not necessary.

Learn about:

  • Discipline-oriented standards for literature reviews and how to begin your work developing research strategies
  • Searches in three databases – including Web of Knowledge – to find articles on your topic
  • Qualitative approaches to determine on an article's relative importance; managing your citations and keeping up with the most current research on your topic
  • Ethical and legal issues related to research

Forget what you think you know. Rediscover the Library.

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