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The Center for Emerging Energy Science (CEES) is a research group within the TTU Department of Physics and Astronomy exploring basic energy sciences and new applications in nuclear science.  CEES is run by Dr Robert V. Duncan.  He has invented or co-invented 13 awarded USA patents and 42 international patents, and has many other inventions and patent applications in process. 

Recently, a new sub-field called quantum nucleonics has emerged which provides a new systematic way to study nuclear science.  We are currently conducting several collaborative projects at Texas Tech University and several others with the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR).  These involve experimentally determining the source of novel nuclear reactions within various metal hydrides.  Our experiments and simulations seek to determine whether nuclear polarization, nuclear excitation, and quantum population inversion in some nuclei can increase cross sections for nuclear reactions.  If it is possible for lattice dynamics to influece nuclear dynamics in metals, then incoherent X-ray or gamma irradiation may make certain nuclear fission and fusion reactions easier to achieve.

Our research group has developed picomole-resolution mass spectrometers for light isotopes, fast-response nitrogen calorimeters, electric pulsing systems, and vacuum calorimeters.  We are also conducting collaborative projects using Dynacool and Quantulus instruments


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