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We recently gained the ability to offer contracts to outside companies and research organizations through the Texas Tech University cost center.  We are permitted to work under the cost center with external customers and may collaborate internally within the university, as appropriate.

This website is under conitnuous construction.  We have provided a brief table of service fees.  More details are included below the table with links to examples and descriptions within this site.


Professor Robert Duncan has extensive experience in Quantum Sensing and in Low-Temperature Physics.  We offer design, fabrication, and consulting support for the development of quantum systems for both space and terrestrial applications. This includes: 1) technology for temperature measurement and thermal management and wire and coaxial cable heat sinking, 2) cryogenically-actuated devices for flow and heat control and routing, 3) Quantum sensing systems using SQUIDs, Josephson junction arrays, and other superconducting system designs, 4) superfluid physics and control, and methods of cryogenic cooling of these systems in earth and space applications. Please contact us for consultation, and to discuss how we can best assist your group's needs.



Service Fees

Equipment / Services   Internal Charge a  External Charges b,c 
Modified Siemens Quantra Mass Spec

Gas Analysis

·     Quantitative Helium-4 Analysis

·     Quantitative Helium-3 Analysis

·     Quantitative Argon-40 / Neon-20 Analysis (co-resonate)

$90/hr $140/hr
Perkin Elmer Quantulus

Tritium Assay Analysis

·     Liquid Sample

·     Gas Sample







Ion Chromatography Thermofisher

·     Liquid analysis, Ion Chromatography

·     Custom Analysis 
      (Please contact for quote)







Materials Fabrication & Analysis

·     Zeiss Microscope Characterization, Visualization & Data Analysis


·     Synthesis and Fabrication
      (Please contact for quote)


·     CNC Machining, Welding/Orbital Welding and 3D Printing


·     Radiation Detector Calibration

      a) gamma spectrometer/survey meter, Co60, Cs137

      b) alpha spectrometer/survey meter, AM241

      c) neutron spectrometer & survey meter, Cf252, AmBe





















Systems Design

·     Electronic

·     Mechanical/ CAD Design

·     Simulation and Modeling (COMSOL & MCNP)

·     Quantum Sensing and in Low-Temperature Physics 
      (Please contact for quote)









Consultation       (Please contact for quote) --- ---

a Internal Technical users are Texas Tech University students and Texas Tech University employees who have elected to have analysis performed by the Center staff.

b External users are the individuals/institutions external to Texas Tech University.

c External non-federal rate: A Facilities and Administration charge of 53% will be added to the final invoice (Fiscal year 2023)


Texas Tech is a public, nonprofit education institution exempt under Section 170(c)1 of the IRS code.




Category Details

Gas Analysis (Expenses: personnel, materials, equipment depreciation) 

By Gas 

Quantitative Helium-4 Analysis 
Quantitative Helium-3 Analysis 
Quantitative Argon-40 Analysis 
Quantitative Neon-20 Analysis 

Tritium assay analysis


Mass Spectrometry Services at CEES

Mass spectrometry including Fourier Transform – Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) measure low mass components in gas mixtures to low ppb levels.

The Texas Tech CEES mass spectrometer team uses two types of mass spectrometers for testing client gas samples.  For qualitative testing, i.e., identification of the species present, a quadrapole gas analyzer is used which contains an electron impact (EI) ionizer.  The upper limit of masses for this instrument is 300 amu.  Quantitative analysis of gases is primarily performed for the noble gases, e.g., helium-3, helium-4, neon, argon, and others using a FT-ICR mass spectrometer with an EI ionizer.  A sample pretreatment process is used to concentrate the noble gases by removing the matrix components before the sample injection into the mass spectrometer.  Routine calibrations with an external calibrant provide accurate quantitative measurements down to below 0.1 ppm for helium-4.  The FT-ICR has excellent resolution in the masses range below 15 amu with the ability to achieve a mass resolution better than 0.0001 Da at mass-3.

For more detailed informations see our Mass Spectrometry section.

MassSpec1     Calibration


Gas Chromatography Services at CEES:  Liquid analysis, Ion Chromatography

<Description of capabilities>

Instruments & Equipment Internal TTU System Customer External Non-TTU Customer  
Ion Chromotography      
High Performance Liquid Chromotography (HPLC)      

Consultation (Expenses: personnel) 

Could lead to other services 

Materials Fabrication & Analysis (Expenses: personnel, materials & nanomaterials, equipment depreciation) 

Synthesis & Fabrication 
CNC machining, Orbital welding, and 3D printing:  We provide access to top-quality components suitable for fast prototyping and low-volume industrial production through FDM 3D printing. Our FDM services cater to quick-turn manufacturing, utilizing a wide range of durable materials suitable for various applications. With our efficient processes, we can deliver printed parts within just one day.
     3D-1     3D-2     3D-3
     We provide orbital welding for tubing size range from 1/8” – 1/2” diameter. We invite you to Contact Us so that we may discuss your immediate requirements.
     Orbital-3     Orbital-5
Radiation detector calibration;
     a) gamma spectrometer/survey meter, Co60, Cs137;
     b) alpha spectrometer/survey meter, AM241;
     c) neutron spectrometer & survey meter, Cf252, AmBe

Systems Design (Expenses: personnel, materials, equipment depreciation) 

Electronic:  For more detailed information, see our Projects Section: Electronic Systems Rebuild.  Our talented scientists have designed and constructed several systems including a Fourier-Transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer, a sensor integration block for CPAP or other breathing devices, a low-noise universal power supply, a high-current digitally controlled pulser for high magnetic field applications, open-circuit voltage decay systems, and more.;
Mechanical:  For more detailed information see our CNC Machining, 3D Printing, and Orbital Welding Sections.
Simulation (MCNP & COMSOl):  For more detailed informations see our Projects: MCNP & Projects: COMSOL sections.;
CAD Design;
Quantum Sensing and in Low-Temperature Physics

Instruction & Training (Expenses: personnel) 


Cryogenics, Quantum Sensing, Space Physics, and Self-Criticality:  For more detailed informations see our Projects: SuperfluidityProjects: Superconducting Electronics, and Projects: Low Temperature sections.

Cryogenic support systems for quantum sensing.
Experimental techniques for fundamental physics in space 
Quantum sensing, quantum electrical standards, and near quantum-limited measurements
Self Organized Criticality (SOC) and novel transport in superfluids


Software Design

Windows Applications
Data Explorer


Disclaimer on Services & Consulting:

We are happy to provide expert advice on experimental design, measurement capabilities, and more.  However, we are not able to provide any product endorsement.  We are only able to provide factual evidence of the measurements we make.