Texas Tech University

Support for Dual-Career Couples

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Texas Tech University aims to attract and hire the most qualified faculty from anywhere in the world. We recognize and appreciate that many faculty have a working spouse or partner that may also be seeking employment at Texas Tech or within the Lubbock community. To that end, Texas Tech maintains the following policy on dual hires.

  • The opportunity for a dual hire is considered part of the process of negotiating for the primary candidate the offer of a position at Texas Tech University. Such an opportunity should be settled prior to signing final employment agreements.
  • Unless a position is available to the spouse or partner concurrent with the appointment of the primary candidate, a dual-hire accommodation may be arranged in anticipation that an opportunity for the spouse or partner will arise sometime after the primary candidate is appointed (for example, if another faculty vacancy is expected after the primary candidate's first year in the position, it may be planned that the spouse or partner will be appointed to that vacancy).
  • If a dual hire was not negotiated as a condition of hiring the primary faculty candidate, later consideration of accommodating spouse or partner employment may be taken up on a case-by-case basis, with no guarantee that the request may be fulfilled.
  • Dual hires are expected to be partnerships between the primary candidate's hiring department or college and, if different, a department or college where the spouse or partner is qualified for a current or future position.
  • Should the partnering units require resources from the Office of the Provost, the Provost commitment will be for up to the first two years. The spouse's or partner's hiring department and college will be responsible for funding the position thereafter.
  • The department or college letter of offer to the primary candidate will state the dual-hire arrangement as one of the conditions of appointment of the primary candidate.
  • If hired at Texas Tech University, a separate letter of offer will be provided to the spouse or partner by the department or college in which the spouse or partner is to be appointed.

Available faculty and staff positions within the Texas Tech University System can be found on the applicant website. Lubbock offers a diverse business sector, with health care and educational entities among the major employers. The major employers in Lubbock offer their own employment sites. Prospective faculty are encouraged to confer with the Texas Tech University Career Center for potential placement options off-campus and access to other helpful information. Additionally, any spouses or partners with degrees in business or a related field (undergrad or graduate) are invited to work with the Rawls Career Management Center in the Rawls College of Business for assistance finding local employment.