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The TTU Greenhouse Complex currently consists of eight glass and aluminum National Greenhouses, a steam drying facility and plant laboratory with four growth chambers, an autoclave, an enology lab, a floral design classroom, and standard laboratory equipment. We also have two classrooms outfitted with LCD projectors, Wi-Fi and document cameras to assist us in supporting the over 1000 students that pass through classes held at the greenhouse each year.

The complex has four research houses with high intensity lighting and automated temperature control to support the estimated $3,000,000 of research conducted for federal, state and private grants each year. In addition, the three teaching compartments house an interior foliage collection along with plant production facilities to support the laboratory experiences of our students.

Greenhouse Space

Greenhouse bench space may be reserved on a first-come, first-choice basis and length of occupancy. To request space, please fill out the Space Request Form, and email completed forms to daniel.mayer@ttu.edu

Current bench rental rates: Bench Rates


All supplies must be purchased by the user. Certain supplies, such as soilless potting media, plant labels, nursery cans and plant trays are kept in stock for multi-purpose use, and are invoiced to the user on a monthly basis. Contact daniel.mayer@ttu.edu for specific supply requests.

After-hours Greenhouse Access

Please email: daniel.mayer@ttu.edu