Texas Tech University

Research & Graduate Studies Committee

The CASNR Research Committee is an advisory body to the Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. The primary responsibility of the Committee is to deliberate on important issues related to research and graduate education and to make recommendations to the Dean for implementation. Possible issues that the Committee might consider addressing may include but are not limited to: 1) Coordination and Facilitation of Research Efforts by focusing on faculty resources, research dissemination, new faculty research orientation and mentoring programs, and faculty development programs. 2) Strengthening of Graduate Education by addressing programmatic issues (e.g., new degree programs, distance education, etc.), graduate student recruitment, retention, and placement issues, student internships (domestic and international opportunities), and scholarships and fellowships.

Agricultural & Applied Economics

  • Chenggang Wang

Agricultural Education & Communications

  • Nan Li

Animal & Food Sciences

  • Kristin Hales

Landscape Architecture

  • Charlie Klein

Natural Resources Management

  • Richard Stevens

Plant & Soil Science

  • Benildo de los Reyes

Veterinary Sciences

  • Vinicius Machado

Dean's Office Coordination

  • Christy Bratcher
  • Karissa Greathouse