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As Texas Tech University celebrates its centennial in 2023, it is fitting that we honor the past while turning our focus to the future. This document celebrates and honors the long and consistent history of Texas Tech's Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources (Davis College) service to the public, and provides a framework for faculty, staff and students as we work to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The strength of Davis College at Texas Tech University lies in its ability to develop students with disciplinary understanding as well as personal and professional abilities to become leaders in the industries we serve. A major focus of Davis College is to develop new knowledge, products and processes, thus enhancing the sustainability and the quality of life for Texans and others while at the same time delivering new information to the public.

In discussions with the Davis College Advisory Committee and members of the industries we serve, we ask about the traits and qualities they seek in new employees. We recognize that knowledge in a discipline is important, but it must be combined with the development of “soft skills.” For example, can students work independently, can they work in a team, can they articulate a point, will they represent themselves and the company well? Guiding students to incorporate “soft skills” into their experiences and tool kit is a towering accomplishment of Davis College and a historical strength of the college.

The commitment of Davis College faculty to student success is evident in faculty advising, providing experiential learning opportunities, paths to internship experience, undergraduate leadership opportunities, undergraduate research, and graduate student training. These activities, for which we are known, must continue at the same high level, although new approaches and techniques are needed to balance the new mission areas for which Texas Tech will also focus in the future.

Since 2015, Texas Tech University has been listed among 90 public universities in the United States by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education as an institution with Very High Research Activity (R1). This achievement has a positive impact on everything we accomplish at Texas Tech. We are now considered a major national and international research university, not a regional college with a focus on teaching only. Davis College is one of the leading colleges at Texas Tech in research activity, and it has the research capability to continue developing new knowledge for those we serve. The Research-1 status increases our stature among undergraduate and graduate students and compels us to grow research activity, especially with federal partners.

Davis College's philosophy focuses on service for the public good. Undergraduates and graduate students are involved in developing new technologies and information designed to improve lives, and we transfer that knowledge to the public. Community engagement ranges from service learning opportunities for students and the community to field days designed to demonstrate new research to assist our farm and ranch and other clientele.

We appreciate the input provided by stakeholders, faculty, staff and students who contributed to the development of the Davis College Strategic Plan. Recent momentum generated through the three-part mission of teaching, research and engagement within Texas Tech University, and this strategic plan is a bold roadmap for taking the college to even higher levels of excellence in all we do.

Davis College Strategic Planning Committee