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Our commitment to you as a transfer student has never been stronger as evidenced by our recent naming to the Transfer Honor Roll by the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. What this means is that we are recognized for excellence in developing pathways for you that ensure a smooth transition to Texas Tech.

We have a wide range of academic programs for you to explore. Texas Tech is a place where great things are happening inside the classroom and out – where you can play as hard as you study. Whoever you want to become, from here, it's possible.

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Complete an application for admission.

  • ApplyTexas Application [or]
  • Common App [or]
  • TTU International Application

Texas Tech has no preference for one type of application over another, but it's important that you submit only one per admissions cycle.

If you have questions about whether you should complete a domestic or international application, complete this questionnaire here.

The Summer 2024 and Fall 2024 application is now open on ApplyTexas, Common App, and the TTU International Application.



Submit required and/or supplemental documents.


  • College transcript(s) from all institutions attended. [Texas Tech will complete internal credential evaluation]
  • $75 application fee [paid through RaiderConnect]
  • Documentation showing completion of high school
  • Proof of English proficiency [learn more]

Optional Supplemental Items:

  • Essay(s)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • Resume


We require official transcripts from every college you have attended. If you have completed less than 12 transferable hours after high school graduation, a high school transcript and ACT/SAT scores are required.

If the transcript service you use requests an email address for delivery, please use admissions.transcripts@ttu.edu. SPEEDE and Parchment are preferred digital transcript services. Official mailed transcripts may be sent to: Box 45005, Lubbock, TX 79409.



Complete your application status!

Create a RaiderConnect account to pay the application fee, get an update on your application status, and register for events hosted by Undergraduate Admissions.

Note: Create your RaiderConnect account with the name and email address as it appears on your application.


    • Create an RaiderConnect account for uploading unofficial documentation and checking application status. Unofficial documentation can be used for evaluation and admission purposes only. For enrollment, students are required to submit official documentation before the start of their first semester to avoid a registration hold.
    • Provide official college transcript(s) in original language and certified English translations from all institutions in which the applicant has been or is currently enrolled. Official documentation may be submitted by your institution's counselor directly to the TTU Counselor Portal. School officials can contact our office at internationals@ttu.edu to request access to the portal.
    • Submit documentation showing completion of high school (secondary school) through transcripts, diploma, exit examinations, etc. Official documentation may be submitted by your institution's counselor directly to the TTU Counselor Portal. School officials can contact our office at internationals@ttu.edu to request access to the portal.
    • If your transcripts or diplomas are not in English, you are required to submit an official English translation in addition to your documents in the original language. Notary-signed copies are not considered official translations. The translator must be a currently active member of the American Translators Association and complete a word-for-word translation of your document.
    • We will only consider coursework in progress for the long term prior to your term of entry (summer not considered) in order to provide a decision on your application for admission.
    • If you are applying for a fall term, we must have final grades for all coursework taken the previous fall and prior;
    • If you are applying for a spring term, we must have final grades for all coursework taken the previous spring and prior.
    • If you are admitted with work in progress, your decision will be conditional.
    • You can attend orientation and register for classes for one term with a conditional decision
    • When we receive your final transcript, if it has grades that bring your GPA below our minimum, your decision can be revoked.
    • If we are still missing a final transcript for the prior term on the 12th class day, a registration hold for the following term will be placed on your account and all final grades must be submitted to resolve that hold.

I-20 Documentation

    • If admitted, students will receive additional information concerning I-2o documentation requirements.

Application Deadlines

Summer/Fall Priority Scholarship Deadline
January 01

Summer/Fall Priority Application Deadline
May 01

Spring Priority Scholarship Deadline
November 01

Spring Priority Application Deadline
November 01

Are you uncertain if you should apply as a domestic or international student? Click here to determine which application you need to submit.


Texas Tech issues decisions on an assured basis along with a holistic evaluation of your credentials. Both of these processes are outlined below.

Assured Admission

If you present the required combination of transferable hours and GPA below, you are assured admission. GPA is cumulative for all transferable courses (including dual credit) from all schools attended. Courses taken for grade replacement are used for GPA calculation only if the same course is repeated at the same institution where it was originally taken.

Transferable Hours GPA Requirements
12-23 hours   2.50 cumulative      
24 or more hours   2.25 cumulative

Note: Some academic colleges and departments at Texas Tech University only accept students who meet assured admission criteria or meet specified requirements. Review the special requirements by college here.

Admission Review

If you do not meet assured admission requirements but have at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA, an admission committee will evaluate your potential based on other criteria.

  • Academics – types of courses taken and pattern of progress, as well as coursework taken leading toward major
  • Student-submitted essay – explanation of the decision to transfer to Texas Tech, reasons for past academic performance and plans to ensure future academic success
  • Extracurricular activities/employment – leadership and work experience, special talents or awards, other information relevant to the admission decision
  • Students with a cumulative GPA or transferable credit hours below requirements or who haven't taken college coursework in the past two or more semesters are encouraged to explain circumstances that have impacted their past academic performance and to submit an essay.

All international students are required to have health insurance. Learn more here.

Some academic colleges and departments at Texas Tech only accept students who meet assured admission requirements:

Arts & Sciences - Biology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Microbiology & Physics
Human Sciences - Interior Design
Rawls College of Business - All majors
Whitacre College of Engineering - All majors
Honors Arts and Letters - Honors College admission required

Note: Test-optional applicants will be holistically reviewed for admission into the above programs.

Already applied?

Admission applications are accepted beginning July 1 for Fall admission and June 1 for Spring admission. Decisions usually take 2-4 weeks. If you have any questions regarding the application or enrollment processes, contact your admissions counselor here.


Transfer Resources

Transfer Scholarships

Scholarships are offered to transfer students who meet the GPA and credit hour requirements. To learn more about the Transfer Merit Scholarship Program, visit scholarships.ttu.edu

Pre-Transfer Advising

Start working with our pre-transfer advisors even before you get here! We'll help you research your academic options and guide you through a variety of decisions while you attend your current institution. Whether you plan to transfer from a two-year or four-year institution, we'll help make your transition to Texas Tech a success.

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