Texas Tech University

David Turturo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. & M.Phil, Yale University
M.Des., Harvard University
B.Arch., Syracuse University
Licensed, Registered, & LEED AP Architect

David Turturo is an architect, historian, and assistant professor at Texas Tech University. Their research considers architectural projects from 1952-1982. Turturo's Ph.D. dissertation, "Caryatid: Architecture and the Framing of Bodies," studies the politics of the architectural figure from antiquity to the present. Turturo's master's and bachelor's theses analyzed the work of the New York architect and "Texas Ranger" John Hejduk. Turturo recently published the essays "Action Architecture" (AA Files 78) and "John Hejduk, Don't Look Now" (Paprika!). Currently, Turturo is preparing the Caryatid manuscript for publication; writing a critical monograph on the work of John Hejduk; completing an oral history project with Peter Eisenman; and conducting early research for a new project, "The City as Social Contract." Turturo has practiced architecture since 2006—in New York, Boston, and San Francisco—with experience ranging from private residences to academic and institutional buildings. Turturo previously taught at Harvard, Northeastern, Boston Architectural College, and Yale.

Research Interests

  • The history of architecture, 1952-1982
  • New York avant-garde architects, 1952-1982
  • Architecture and the framing of bodies
  • Anatomo-politics, bio-politics, necro-politics
  • The city as an architectural Project, 1945-present
  • United States urbanism


Room 410
Fall 2023 Office Hours: By appointment

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Image Credits: "Action Architecture" in AA Files 78; WildUrbs2 student work by Lucca Townsend; exhibition/event with Architecture Office; WildUrbs1 collaborative student work.