Texas Tech University

Day 12: Company Visit

Neil Maro

May 28, 2019

Group Photo

The Central Market Hall building was built in 1897 with great architecture, tiled roofs and colorful façade of patterned orange bricks.

We spent the free morning we had with a quick visit to the Central Market Hall, which is a very popular shopping area for locals and tourists. The Central Market Hall building was built in 1897 with great architecture, tiled roofs and colorful facade of patterned orange bricks. We visited 3 levels of the building, the bottom had a variety of seafood, middle floor sold groceries, and the top floor sold souvenirs. While shopping we got to learn a lot about the overall entrepreneurial spirit the locals had, they were friendly, trustworthy and helped us pick the best products we needed. We attempted to negotiate prices for the things we bought, as a result, we were able to save Ft 1,000 ($3.4) on products worth Ft 6,800 ($23). After shopping, we walked back to our hotel (D8Hotel), which was about a 20-minute walk to meet with the rest of the RBLP group.

For lunch, we went to SEASONS BISTRO, a premium downtown Budapest restaurant with contemporary local and international flavors and a truly cozy ambiance set against the heritage building of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. At the restaurant we got try a local dish which included chicken paprikash with dumplings and mixed pickles apple strudel. After the warm dish, we paid a quick visit to the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music then departed for Process Solutions.

Process Solutions is an ex-Arthur Andersen Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Group now operating a dynamic and rapidly expanding independent accounting business in the European region, delivering services to some of the largest international corporations in the world. Janos Babos, a managing director at Process Solutions spoke about some of the challenges they face today as they have rapidly grown in the numbers of clients which amounts to 500. Some of the changes they are making include adding an additional management level titled MP(Managing Partners), these managers manage P(Partners). Teams within the organization consisted of members who are rotated to increase engagement amongst the team members. They are still trying out these implementations and are hoping they will work.

After the company visit we enjoyed a free evening!.