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Rawls College to House New Interactive Digital Signs and Wayfinding in Fall 2021

Jacob Gordon

August 24, 2021

Students Using Wayfinder

The signs will help visitors and students better find locations and information pertaining to Rawls College.

As the fall 2021 semester gets under way, people entering the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business can expect to be greeted by two new interactive screens in the McCoy Family Atrium. One screen features an interactive map while the other showcases past student, staff and faculty award winners.

“Rawls College is committed to providing excellent resources for students, staff and faculty,” said Dayton Perrin, senior director of Rawls Technology Services. “As our building has grown, we needed a solution for people to find their way to the space they are looking for as quickly as possible. The additional awards screen will also allow us to highlight the continued success of the Rawls College community.”

One screen acts as an interactive map – a sort of wayfinder for visitors. This wayfinder should make it easier for students and other visitors to find a range of locations, including faculty offices, classrooms, and resource centers (e.g. advising, Rawls Career Management Center, Snyder Center for Business Communication, etc.).

WayfinderThe wayfinder provides a full 2-D map of the Rawls College. Users can either interact with the map on a floor-by-floor basis or use the search feature to find a specific location. Once they know where they want to go, the wayfinder can also provide interactive navigation paths to a desired destination.

“Being a first-time college student can be stressful enough without having to worry about finding your classroom or advisor,” said Perrin. “We are very excited to be able to provide quick access to information, not only to our students but also to parents, alumni and other visitors through these new screens.”

The second interactive screen serves as an award showcase. With this screen, users will be able to see past student, staff, and faculty award winners.

“It can be costly to purchase physical awards signage, and eventually, we could run out of wall space,” said Perrin. “The digital awards screen is in a very high-traffic area of our building and allows us to instantly recognize the accomplishments our students, staff and faculty.”

The two interactive screens are built by FourWinds Interactive out of Denver, Colorado.

“By having two screens, each dedicated to a unique function, we can avoid any potential ‘traffic jams' between users,” said Perrin. “The awards screen is meant to be interacted with for longer periods of time, whereas the map screen is designed to enable the end-user to find their destination within seconds. The separation ensures that users reading the awards screen don't feel ‘rushed' to move, and for the users interacting with the map display to quickly find their destination.”

You can see the new digital signs and interact with them yourself by visiting them at the McCoy Family Atrium in Rawls College.