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Rawls College Launches Inaugural Senior Class Campaign

Jacob Gordon

February 23, 2022

Jerry Rawls and Senior Students

To celebrate the Senior Campaign, students who donate $20.22 will receive a limited-edition Rawls College senior t-shirt.

The Jerry S. Rawls College of Business has officially launched its first ever Senior Campaign. The philanthropy campaign will run through April 5.

“The Senior Campaign is an opportunity for seniors to reflect on their time at the Rawls College and pay it forward,” wrote Dean of Rawls College Margaret L. Williams in an email announcing the campaign to graduating seniors. “If you benefited from your time at Rawls, giving back ensures that students who come after you can have access to the same opportunities.”

What makes this campaign unique is that it is a student-led initiative. The campaign committee is made up of six students, three from this year's graduating class and three for next year's graduating class.

“I think being able to lead by example and encourage my classmates is such a unique opportunity,” said Amy Williams, a junior finance and accounting major and in-coming chair of the class of 2023. “This campaign allows us, as a senior class, to work together to enrich the Rawls experience.”

Andie Giles, senior marketing major and chair of the class of 2022, sees this campaign as an opportunity for Rawls College to create an environment of giving and support.

“I hope that students learn how important it is to continue to support a university that has helped them through their collegiate years,” said Giles. “The Rawls provided so many phenomenal resources for us, and we need to help them continue to provide the best resources for the future students.”

This philanthropic campaign will help Rawls College align with Jerry S. Rawls's vision for the college. In 2000, when Mr. Rawls made his transformative gift, he included a letter that outlined his desire for the college to develop a program to encourage and solicit contributions from graduating seniors.

“Participation is important,” wrote Mr. Rawls. “It must be encouraged. All graduating seniors must understand the realities of university funding in Texas and the importance of their participation and support of Texas Tech.”

The Senior Class Campaign committee recently presented their vision for the campaign to Mr. Rawls. Both class chairs see his overwhelmingly positive feedback as an encouraging sign.

“Mr. Rawls is thrilled that we are executing his vision of student philanthropy,” said Williams. “He also emphasized during our meeting that graduating seniors need to know that the Rawls cares about our journey beyond graduation.”

“[Mr. Rawls] and Dean Williams have entrusted us with the success of this campaign,” said Giles, “and I am very grateful and honored to hold this responsibility. I am going to give this campaign my 100% to fulfill that vision.”

As part of the Senior Campaign, graduating 2022 seniors are encouraged to participate and donate an amount that is meaningful to them. While students can donate as little as $1, any student who donates at least $10 will be acknowledged in a video played during the senior celebration.

Senior Shirt
Limited-edition 2022 Senior t-shirt

Students who donate $20.22 will receive a limited-edition Rawls College t-shirt that celebrates the Senior Class Campaign.

Rawls College will hold pop-up shops on March 1 and March 29 where students can make their donations and receive their t-shirts at the same time.

The Senior Campaign committee has set an ambitious goal to raise at least $5,000 with a 25% participation rate for the inaugural campaign, a goal they hope will set the bar high and encourage future classes to follow suit.

On April 5, Dean Williams and Rawls College will host a senior celebration for all graduating seniors to commemorate the end of the inaugural Senior Class Campaign. During the celebration, students will have the opportunity to take a photo with Dean Williams and Raider Red as well as participate in the senior class photo, which will be taken in front of Rawls College.

Students can make a gift at any time online or during one of the pop-up shops on March 1 or 29. Students who donate $20.22 online can pick up their t-shirts from Carol Coleson in Room NW 102A at Rawls College.