Texas Tech University

Student Spotlight: Brooke Dickey

April Chavez

May 6, 2022

Brooke Dickey

Brooke Dickey, a supply chain management major graduating next week, shares her experiences at Texas Tech and Rawls College.

Brooke Dickey, a supply chain management major from The Woodlands, Texas, will be graduating next week.

During her time at Rawls College, Brooke was highly active with the Texas Tech Club Tennis team. She served as the team's president, travel coordinator and social media manager for two years. She was also a two-year national qualifier for the tennis club. Brooke was also active with the Tech Pickleball Club and the Tech Supply Chain Association.

Last summer, Brooke interned with Amazon in Denver where she served as an area manager.


Why did you choose to major in supply chain management?

I chose supply chain management as my major because I felt it had the best growth opportunities that fit my interests. I love how hands-on and caring Professor Daniel Taylor and Professor Alan Pritchard are with their students. I have formed so many friendships from this major and have no regrets about my decision to be a part of such a great program at Rawls College.

What did you enjoy most about the supply chain management program?

Overall, the thing I enjoyed the most about the supply chain program is the people. The program is like a community, everyone knows each other. I am thankful to have made such great friends through the supply chain program. Last semester, there was a group of us that had every class together. We would be together every day at Rawls, whether it be working on projects together or getting food together. These friendships enhanced my experience at Rawls, and I know we will all be close friends for a long time. Also, the professors in this program are amazing and you can tell how much they care for their students. They host many recruitment events and try their hardest to ensure we all secure jobs after graduation. The supply chain program has the best professors at Rawls, they are just amazing.

What educational accomplishments are you most proud of?

I am proud to say that I will be graduating Magna Cum Laude this May. Another accomplishment I am also proud of is my participation in the General Motors Supply Chain Case Competition. It was a great experience where I was able to implement supply chain skills while competing against other universities from across the globe. Our team did the best out of all the teams our professor has taken to this competition. It was a great opportunity to meet business professionals and fellow supply chain majors in Detroit.

During your time at Rawls College, who has made the greatest impact on you, and why?

During my time at Rawls College, Professor Daniel Taylor and Professor Alan Pritchard had the greatest impact on me. It was because of their classes I became best friends with my group mates. They are also the best professors I have ever had. Their classes prepared me for the supply chain management field. They love what they do, and it shows. I also love that every time one of their students sees them outside of class, they are glad to chat. They do a great job helping their students during their career search and keep an open door for students that need help.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I will be moving to Dallas to be a customs brokerage writer for DSV, a global transport and logistics company. I will oversee the shipment process, ensuring it adheres to customs authority and other government agencies. DSV is an incredible company, and I will be working alongside some of my fellow classmates and friends. I am thankful for such a great opportunity!

Why do you love Rawls College?

I love Rawls College because there is so much opportunity. I love the events Rawls hosts and the wide variety of student organizations that are available to students. I love that we must take the introduction to business class.  I believe it made my job search go smoothly since I already had many resources available to me. I think the thing I love the most is the building itself. I have made many good memories with my friends in the common area and study rooms.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself being certified in customs brokerage. I plan on staying with DSV and moving higher up in my field. I don't know exactly if this will happen because five years is a long time, but I hope to be happy and comfortable wherever I am.