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The BurkTech Players Present "logged in"

March 22, 2019

The BurkTech Players are incredibly proud to announce their production of logged in, a collection of three original one-act plays, written by long-time BurkTech Players Morgan Brundrett and Liz Lingurar and newcomer Shane Strawbridge. This is the biggest undertaking we have attempted as a student organization, but we are confident that with the hard work and dedication from our cast, crew, and leadership team this can be the greatest production we have ever had in our 6-year run! With the guidance of our playwright mentor and literary manager, Dillon Rouse, we are excited to dive into the process of new-play development.

The BurkTech Players is an ensemble of artists from The Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research and the TTU School of Theatre and Dance. We provide a nurturing environment to encourage, extol, and extend collaboration through shared experiences of the performing arts with individuals on the autism spectrum. Our cast, crew, and leadership are partially comprised of Burkhart students, both past and present, and are dedicated to giving the entire ensemble an amazing experience that encourages them to work collaboratively with others who might be different than them. We strive to give our players a safe space to be themselves and meet others who share their passions and interests.

The show's overall theme is "logged in", as each play centers around human, & not-so-human, connections as well as on collaboration and communication in today's digital age. Please join us on this incredible journey with the largest ensemble we have had to date! More information below about each individual show.

See below for more information. We hope to see you there!

WHO: The BurkTech Players
WHAT: logged in, an evening of 3 one-act playsby Liz Lingurar, Morgan Brundrett, and Shane Strawbridge.
WHEN: April 12 & 13, 2019 at 7:30pm
WHERE: All Saints Episcopal School's Mainstage | 3222 103rd Street, Lubbock, TX
TICKETS: Both performances are free of charge and require no reservations.

logged in

Infinite Universes by Liz Lingurar
You think you're having a bad day? Meet Victor...and the other four versions of himself.

Brought together by their portable devices, five characters from different universes must find a way to return home without killing each other. Through technology and teamwork, the Victors will learn the valuable lesson of reconciliation.
Elite Spies by Morgan Brundrett
Meet the Elite Spies. They're your typical band of Secret Agents...who have trouble finding batteries for their communicators.

Follow these band of defenders as they rescue their commander from the diabolical villain known as "Steve." Throughout their journey the spies must question whether or not certain people can be trusted.... even when they're on the wrong team.
Click to Skip Ad by Shane Strawbridge
In cyberspace, everyone can hear you scream...and laugh, and cheer, and cry...

At a tucked away corner of the Internet, the inner workings of a video streaming service create content for human consumption. When the new video protocol arrives, it discovers that integration is not everything it dreamed.