Texas Tech University

Gotta Dance

Emily Swenskie

February 3, 2020

thamesBailey Thames is a senior from Houston, Texas majoring in dance with a minor in public relations. During her time at Tech, she has appeared in multiple dance offerings through Fall Dance Festival and DanceTech, as well as appearing in independent projects. In the final months of her undergraduate career, she waxes nostalgically about her affection for Tech.

"My favorite part about Texas Tech is the amazing school spirit and the incredibly friendly atmosphere," says Thames.

This past semester, Thames presented a thesis dance as a part of the Fall Dance Festival in the Creative Movement Studio on campus.

"My senior project was choreographing part of the Fall Dance Festival. My work is entitled, 'Sit at the Table.' The piece focuses on how few women there are in leadership roles."

If you missed Thames in the Fall Dance Festival, you have another chance to see her this spring in DanceTech.

"I will be performing in faculty members' Ali Duffy and Genevieve Durham's pieces for DanceTech; I am super excited."

Although Thames loves it here at Texas Tech, she is thrilled to be moving on in her career and plans to bring dance to more cities.

"Once I graduate, I plan on moving to Dallas. My goal is to join a dance team or dance company. On top of dancing, I plan on getting my certification in event management."

In addition to her love of dance, it is also evident that she loves the people with whom she has collaborated with Tech.

"My advice to any student is to get to know your professors and staff. Everyone involved in the Texas Tech University School of Theatre and Dance is so nice and genuine. They make it their goal to set us up in school so we can succeed in our future careers."

DanceTech will be March 5th-7th in The CH Foundation The Legacy of Christine DeVitt Black Box Theatre. Tickets are available online or by calling the Box Office at 806-742-3603.