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Graduating Student Spotlight: Matthew Mosher

Emily Swenskie

March 2, 2020

Matthew Mosher, a graduating senior in the School of Theatre and Dance, is wrapping up year number six in the technical theatre/design program.

"My time here at Tech has been lengthy to say the least, but I am very happy to have been here for that long," says Mosher. "Not only have I been able to department change and grow in amazing ways, but taking my time with my degree meant that I was able to really focus in on skills and expertise that I might have missed had I rushed through the program."

One of the biggest questions asked of every graduating student is "What are you doing after school?" For Mosher, the answer came easily.

"Upon leaving Tech I will be searching for design jobs," says Mosher. "However, my main focus will be launching a theatre company that focuses on giving a voice to youth actors that may be marginalized or otherwise distant from the arts."

Mosher not only loves theatre, but also children: "I want every child to feel that they have a voice, are able to be heard, and theatre is an excellent way to do that. When I joined theatre my freshman year of high school, I was just trying to complete my fine arts credit. Little did I know the impact that would have on my life.

Theatre class in grade school is usually a class required for a fine arts credit, but for Mosher, it was an opportunity to connect with people, something to look forward to.

"I firmly believe theatre is a service industry, and we are in the business of changing lives. Everyone has a story to tell with amazingly complicated plots, with thousands of characters, so if we can give people the opportunity to be entertained and to connect on a deeper level with themselves or the world around them, we owe it to society. Theatre gave me a way to connect with others and share experiences that many people wouldn't ever get to. That's why I do theatre."

Mosher is excited to branch out and encounter new theatrical experiences, but will miss the many opportunities at Texas Tech.

"Texas Tech has given me so many chances to grow as an artist, and it's hard to choose a favorite moment. I have had favorite moments during every show I've been a part of here. Most recently, I served as the production designer for Hecuba, produced and directed by Stevan Rivera. It was, without a doubt, one of the most difficult yet rewarding shows I have been a part of during my time here. It directly lines up with what I want to do: producing professional theatre for students who don't always have the opportunity. It was a wonderful experience."

Matthew Mosher's next project at Texas Tech School of Theatre and Dance will be assistant lighting designer for Guys and Dolls, the last show on the current Maedgen Theatre Stage before phase two of the theatre's renovations. As for any advice to future graduates, Mosher has this:

"Branch out of your comfort zone, if there is something you want to learn that's not necessarily covered in a class, ask to learn it. You oversee your education here, so take charge and make your education the experience you want it to be."

Guys and Dolls will have a two-week run April 23rd-26th and April 30th-May 3rd. Ticket information is available online or by calling the box office at 806-742-3601.

Photo creditC. Stanley Photography