Texas Tech University

Master of Arts in Theatre Arts

The Master of Arts degree prepares students for further graduate work (in either a Ph.D. or an M.F.A. program), for teaching at the community college or secondary level, and for analytical positions within the profession (such as those of dramaturg or literary manager). Core requirements develop key competencies in academic research and writing, while electives ensure a familiarity with a broad range of artistic and administrative skills.

The Master of Arts degree in Theatre Arts requires a minimum of 36 semester hours beyond the baccalaureate. This includes 15 hours of MA Core Courses, 15 hours of Electives as approved by the Chair of the student's Thesis Committee and/or the Graduate Advisor, and 6 hours of Thesis (THA 6000). Completion of the MA degree requires a thesis and a final examination.

Course Type Credit Hours

M.A. Core Courses


Master's Thesis (THA 6000)

15 hours

15 hours

6 hours (minimum)


36 hours


Core Courses (15 Semester Hours)

  • THA 5311 Advanced Directing
  • THA 5306 Survey of Theatre History
  • THA 5350 Seminar in Theatre Research Methods (must be taken during the first year of studies)
  • THA 5351 Mentoring Community Outreach in the Arts

Also, 3 credits to be chosen from the list below:

  • THA 5309 Seminar in Theatre History
  • THA 5331 Studies in Contemporary Theatre
  • THA 5341 Seminar in Dramatic Theory

Electives - 15 hours, one course to be selected from each of the following groups:


  • THA 5325 Period Styles in Acting
  • THA 5329 Advanced Scene Study
  • THA 5334 Special Problems in Acting
  • THA 5343 Seminar in Voice and Movement
  • THA 5344 Pedagogy
  • THA 5333 Studies in the Production of Pre-Modern Drama

Arts Administration

  • THA 5312 Theatre Management
  • THA 5316 Marketing the Arts
  • THA 5317 Funding of the Arts
  • THA 5318 Advocacy for the Arts


  • THA 5303 Theatre Scenic Design
  • THA 5304 Theatre Lighting Design
  • THA 5305 Theatre Costume Design
  • THA 5319 Theatre Sound Design
  • THA 5320 Theatre Planning
  • THA 5335 Topics in Design/Technology (as approved by the Head of Design & Graduate Advisor)
  • THA 5340 Period Styles of Design

History, Theory, and Criticism

  • THA 5309 Seminar in Theatre History
  • THA 5313 Dramatic Criticism
  • THA 5331 Studies in Contemporary Theatre
  • THA 5341 Seminar in Dramatic Theory
  • THA 5372 Dramaturgy


  • THA 5300 Dramatic Analysis
  • THA 5301 Playwriting I
  • THA 5302 Playwriting II
  • THA 5321 Playwriting III