Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Design/Technology


The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Design/Technology is a pre-professional degree program designed to prepare students for entry-level design and technology related positions in the professional theatre and related fields.  Entrance into the BFA Design program is through the jury process. Students may jury into the program upon arrival, or when juries are held at the end of each semester. Successful BFA Design students will experience all areas of design and production through studio courses, and are expected to realize their work through significant roles on departmental productions each semester.

We encourage you to visit us!  We offer complimentary tickets to experiencing one of our productions.  We will also arrange for a tour of the facilities and to sit in on a class if desired.  This provides an opportunity to meet our faculty and students, and to see first hand what we do at Texas Tech.  Tours of the entire campus are also available through the Office of Admissions. To arrange a department visit, please contact our Undergraduate Advisor, Abed Monawar.