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URC 2020 Poster Presentations

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Oral Presentations

Presenter Name(s) Project Title Poster Link

Casillas, Jazzmin

Effects of Photoinitiators on Cell Viability, Physical Properties, and Microstructure in 3D Bioprinting PDF

Chadha, Riya

Kahaani Dance as The Narrative PDF

Fuqua, Conlee & Smith, Ashlyn

Core Values and Money Decisions PDF

Higgins, Connad

Leveling up: In-person role-playing games as assets for positive psychosocial development PDF

Jones, Kylie

Effects of Carbon Dioxide Emissions on Panic Attack Prevalence PDF

Lahowetz, Rachel

Banana Disease-Protective Microbiome Enrichment and Analysis PDF

Nichols, Courtney

Zoltán Kodály's Dances of Galánta: Musical Nationalism or Exoticism? PDF

Sanders, Yorick

Evaluating Deep Learning Training Mechanisms for Energy Efficiency PDF

Santos, Luiza

Rideshare Market under Stochastic Demand and Dynamic Matching: A Multi-Agent Study PDF

Shanto, Sadman Ahmed

High Resolution Muon Tomography with a Portable Prototype Muon Telescope PDF

Shao, Daniel

Loss of Beta-catenin induces Alpha-napthylisothiocyanate mortality and cholestatic liver injury YouTube

Wilson, Miranda

Shoshanna Dreyfus: Visibility as a Trap for the Panoptic Surveyor in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds PDF

Poster Presentations

Presenter Name(s) Project Title Poster Link

Aaluri, Gayatri

Characterizations of Tungsten Nitride and Sulfide Aerogels Formed using a Modified Sol-Gel Approach PDF

Agu-Udemba, Chinonye

Age-related Differences in Forearm Muscle Size and Handgrip Maximal and Rapid Force Characteristics PDF

Aickareth, Genesy

Do baseline pre-albumin, Cu, and CRP levels predict the outcome of burn patients with obesity? PDF

Altman, George

Motivation and Vigilance: Do Engagement Levels and Performance on
Vigilance Tasks Interact?

Andarge, Hermella

The Use of Transferrin as a Potential Target for Cancer Cell Identification PDF

Anwar, Zahra

Composition of Surface Soil and Dust in the City of Lubbock, Texas PDF

Ball, Reagan

The Function of Nuclear PEDF in Prostate Cancer Cells PDF

Banuelos, Julian

Poetry Beyond Borders PDF

Banuelos, Julian

Poetry On Borders PDF

Basu, Tanisha & Rivera, Jennifer

Breastfeeding Practices Among South African Women: A Pilot Study PDF

Bharadwaj, Taru

The Auger: An Unlikely Villain in Devastating Farmer Injuries PDF
Birchall-Roman, Calvin Why does Hope remain inside Pandora's jar? A Lacanian Analysis of the Pandora Myth According to Hesiod's Works and Days PDF
Brijalba, Kindall An Investigation into the Reduction Kinetics of Nanoparticulate Manganese Oxides via Dissolved Organic Carbon Sources PDF
Brito, Carolin Effect of novel Ozone Intervention in the Reduction of Salmonella and
Shiga Toxin Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in Beef Chuck
Brown, Marleigh Role of Glucose and Insulin on Mitochondrial Health in Mouse Hippocampal Cells PDF
Brown, Taylor The Cycle of Depression: Depressive Symptoms from Caregivers to Preschool-Age Children PDF
Buell, Elizabeth Gender Differences in Sustained Attention on a Mathematical Task PDF
Castillo, Adam Quantification of Salmonella in Turkey Wing Rinsates using BAX®System Sal Quant Compared to MPN PDF
Clark, Nicholas Frontal Modification of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Dynamics over Land in Mid-latitude PDF
Cox, Andrew International Human Trafficking Addressed Through Ethical Corporate Supply Chain Management PDF
Croessman, Molly Use of Object and Feature Based Attention PDF
Dalal, Shivani & Kennon, Joshua Association Between Odor Discrimination and Cognitive Bias in Dogs PDF
Delgado, Betsaida Isolation and Characterization of Gardnerella vaginalis Clinical Isolates PDF
Dennis, Victoria Does Mental Health Treatment Impact Risk Among Justice-involved Youth? PDF
Derrick, William Examining Differences in the LEC Responses of Hispanic and White College Students PDF
DeRuyter, Emily What's that Lingering Smell? Evaluation of Residual Odor Volatiles in Colombian Territory PDF
DeWinne, Callie Stroop effect: interference and facilitation between word and color processing PDF
Diaz, Rachel Exploring Autofluorescent Properties of a Biofilm Extracellular Matrix Using a Spectrofluorometer PDF
Ding, Fanzhen Predicting the shape of curved and tilted microfibers generated by bending deformation PDF
Driver, Marina Impact of Media Nutrition on Micro-Aggregate Formation of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis PDF
Estes, Christopher Gender Differences Among College Students' Experience and Awareness with Physical Assault PDF
Evans, Jacob Mechanisms Underlying the Multi-Generational Transmission of Achievement and Educational Attainment PDF
French, Saydie & Crawley, Austin The nuts and bolts of race and sex cues: Human stereotypes applied to social robots PDF
Garcia-Gutierrez, Danira Determining Arsenic Mobility and Speciation: An Analysis of Soil Contaminated by Water Filtration Techniques in Costa Rica PDF
George, Feba Speed accuracy trade-offs in humans: Fitts' law and Schmidt's law PDF
George, Isaiah Validation of a Bacterial Fluorescent Imaging Device to Detect Polymicrobial Biofilm In Vitro PDF
George, Sarah The Effect of Therapy Dogs on Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder in a Social Skills Class PDF
Graham, Kevin Assessment of Endothelial Function and Arterial Stiffness in Type 2 Diabetic Older Adults PDF
Grover, Jared & Tidwell, Emma The Relationship Between Political Ideology, Personality, Science-Religion Compatibility, and Theistic Intellectual Humility PDF
Harkins, Christyn Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery, but not caloric restriction, increases reward-related genes within the VTA in mice fed a high-fat diet PDF
Heinz, Robin Adaptive and Maladaptive Coping Strategies Following Adverse Childhood Experiences: The Influence of Parental Acceptance PDF
Heselton, Katelyn Differences Between an Intraindividual Lead-Lag Bivariate Network Analysis and Concurrent Bivariate Network Analysis PDF
Huerta, Sarah Poetry and Culture: Poems Inspired by Travels to Spain and Italy PDF
Ibrahim, Andrew Thioredoxin as a Protective Agent Against Cardiac Endothelial Cell Death and Mitochondrial Damage under Hyperglycemia PDF
Joshi, Shrinidhi Reduction of Listeria monocytogenes on Stainless Steel Utilizing Lactobacillus salivarius PDF
Kariampuzha, William Estimating Lexicon Size Based Upon Zipf's Law: A Novel Mathematical Approach PDF
Lafferty, Marissa Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers: What is the Effect of Doping Locations on Lasing Frequency? PDF
Lindgren, Lars Increasing salt tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana through co-overexpression of AtCLCc and PP2A-C5 genes PDF
Little, William Polymicrobial Conditions Affect Antibiotic Susceptibility in Clinically Relevant Bacterial Species PDF
Lopez, Andrea In vivo detection of polymicrobial bacterial biofilm with real-time fluorescence imaging PDF
Mann, Bridget Trapping Microparticles by Mimicking Optical Tweezers with Lensed Fibers PDF
Marks, Tyra & Song, Seowon Parenting, attachment, and problem behaviors in preschoolers PDF
Martin, Brice The Rawls Course and Urban Lagomorphs: Recommendations to Reduce Wildlife Damage PDF
Martinez, Jaycie Addiction Recovery and Sibling Relations PDF
Matson, Grace & Coward, Fanni How do you know you want to be a teacher? PDF
Meade, Luis First Encounters with Social Robots: Determining the likability gap via users' attribution of mental capacities PDF
Miller, Lauren Externalizing Behaviors in Head Start Children: The Role of Caregiver Employment Status PDF
Moeller, Emily Play Types and Children's Outdoor Learning Environments  PDF
Monteverde, Kier Risky decision-making as a predictor of antisocial behavior among male and female college students PDF
Morger, Elizabeth Adverse Childhood Experiences and Alcohol Use Among Justice-Involved Youth PDF
Moussoki, Dominica  Irisin injection into the hippocampus suppresses acute stress-induced memory impairment and anxiety-like behavior in a sex dependent manner PDF
Openiyi, Opeyemi & Baca, Francisco An Exploratory Research into Stock Price Prediction PDF
Ostermaier, Emily Optimization of a High-throughput Liposomes Fluorescence Assay for the screening of drug libraries with potential therapeutic use for ion channel dysfunction related diseases PDF
Perez, Raul Muon Tomography Applications Using Monte Carlo Simulation of Prototype Muon Telescope PDF
Petry, Hannah The Effects of Tart Cherry on Lifespan of Alzheimer's C. elegans PDF
Poquiz, John Searching for a Relationship: How do Space and Feature-Based Attention Uniquely Contribute to Visual Search in a Sparse Display? PDF
Puckett, Leigha The Effects of Trauma on Mental Illness for Justice Involved Youth in Texas PDF
Pujol, Valeria Data Collection for a Model of Muscle Fatigue during Dynamic Tasks of the Knee Joint PDF
Reyes, Noah Parental elevated Salt consumption in mice and the development of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – like behavior in the offspring PDF
Reynolds, Landyre Detection of Staphylococcus aureus Small Colony Variants in Chronic Wounds PDF
Ross, Austin & Clinton, Darienne Understanding Paired Data of Parents of Children with DS: A Qualitative Directed Content Analysis PDF
Salazar, Arlene & Garcia, Maria The Effect of Maternal Big-Five Personality Traits on Parenting, Attachment, and Child Problem Behaviors PDF
Sanchez, Alec Utilizing a Graphic User Interface for the Personalization Process of 3D Printed Prostheses PDF
Schneider, Rebecca Characterizing the Phenotypic Transition of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from the Hospital Environment to Nosocomial Infections PDF
Shanto, Sadman Ahmed  Behavior Design for Heterogeneous Traffic Flow of Autonomous and Human-driven Vehicles PDF
Sharp, Jason Benevolent Childhood Experiences as a Predictor of Caregiver Attitudes Toward Their Children PDF
Simiyu, Geuel Characterization of Lipid nanodiscs encased by Zwitterionic Styrene Maleic Anhydride derivative copolymers (zSMA) PDF
Sopontammarak, Pheem Moral and Ethical Stressors in Modern Nursing PDF
Soyemi, Adetoro In the Eye of the Beholder: How a Person's Age Influences Beliefs About Younger Women's Sexual Behaviors PDF
Stehling, Arden Psychology and Human Resources Helping Combat Human Trafficking PDF
Stephens, Emily Testicular histopathology in an Alzheimer's disease model PDF
Swecker, Kaitlyn Communication and Relationship Satisfaction in Same-Gender Couples as Compared to Different-Gender Couples PDF
Tipton, Grace Ann Smartphone-Based Method for Detecting Periodontal Disease PDF
Titus, Katherine Analyzing the Effects of Body Wrapping on Rate of Decomposition PDF
Travis, Alexandra Can Undergraduate Participant Data Represent a Larger Population? Evaluating the Differences between Undergraduate Populations and Working Populations PDF
Vance, Joseph Green Work Environments: Under What Level of Work Demands Will a Restorative Intervention Work? PDF
Vasquez, Carina The Impact of Social Media on Vaccine-Related Legislation Following Measles Outbreaks PDF
Webb, Katheryn Wee Read: A Community-Based Program to Promote Engagement During Storybook Routines PDF
Wheeler, Bailey Experiencing Equine-Assisted Programs: An Exploratory Study on the effects of EAAT on Caregiver and Volunteer Emotion State PDF
White, Sarah Tracking Resistance Training-Induced Changes in Body Composition via 3-Dimensional Optical Scanning PDF
Yakum, Britney & White, Kelsey Grounded Theory on the Process of Individual Healing from Infidelity PDF
Zeitouni, Jad The use of storytelling and the experience of teaching in a Syrian Refugee Camp in the context of the refugee crisis in Lebanon, its various actors, and its lasting effects PDF
Zhu, Charles & Kariampuza, William An Adaptive Approach to Improving Outreach Centered Around Group-Based Learning PDF
Zreik, Mehdi Mohamad  The Emerging Role Of Exosomes and MicroRNA In Glioma PDF