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Distinguished Alumnus Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award, awarded annually, is awarded to a graduate of the Texas Tech College of Architecture whose career and professional life have brought distinction on the College and whose career as an architect is held in high esteem by peers and the general public. Nominations may be made by an individual, firm or organization with knowledge of the Nominee's qualifications, in the following categories:


  • Distinguished Architectural Practice
  • Distinguished Community or Public Service
  • Distinguished Achievement in Architecture Education or Professionally Related Fields
  • Distinguished Alumni Spirit
Jim C. Kollaer

2020 Distinguished Alumnus

Jim C. Kollaer, FAIA Emeritus

Jim Kollaer, FAIA, LEED AP, managing director of Kollaer Advisors, LLC has been involved with the AEC industry for the last 40 years. First as a lab tech in a materials lab on a dam project, then as an architect planner working on projects around the globe, then as the head of a real estate brokerage operation with a multi-city operation, and then as part of national real estate firm.

He currently serves as senior advisor for several global firms where he offers advice to CEOs, principals, partners and leaders in the AEC and Real Estate Industries. He is a strategic thinker and futurist who watches the trends of the AEC world as well as the politics that drive that future.

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Past Recipients

2019 Barry Hand, AIA, LEED AP BD+C '90
2018 Doug Moss '90
2017 Daniel S. Hart, AIA '90
2016 Michael G. Imber '86
2015 Regent Christopher Huckabee '91
2014 Mark T. Wellen, FAIA '77
2013 Thomas D. Curtis, AIA '80
2012 James B. "Jim" Boggs, AIA, '62
2011 Leslie L. Shepherd, AIA, '83
2010 Noel Barrick, AIA, '72
2009 David R. Messersmith, FAIA, '73
2008 Morris Brown, AIA, '69
2007 F. Reg Narmour, '63
2006 W. Mark Gunderson, AIA, '79
2005 Rodney C. Hill, AIA, '62
2004 David M. Farrell, AIA, '79
2003 J. Michael Brendle, FAIA, '78
2002 Bill D. Smith, FAIA, '63
2001 Terrance J. Brown, FAIA, '69

CoA Blue Title Card

2000 Ronald P. Bertone, FAIA, '70
1999 Robert A. Fielden, FAIA, '63
1998 D. Self, FAIA, '68
1997 Charles F. Harper, FAIA, '55
1996 Stephen R. Souter, FAIA, '71
1995 Walter L. Winters, '60
1994 James R. Morter, FAIA, 68
1993 Richard B. Ferrier, FAIA, '68
1992 Jim C. Doche, FAIA, '65
1991 J. Carlos Jones, '54
1990 Bob G. Fillpot, FAIA, '67
1989 James E. Atcheson
1988 D. Keith Downing, '59
1987 A. Dudley Thompson, '54
1986 Alan R. Sumner, FAIA, '65
1985 Robert H. LeMond, FAIA, '60
1984 Paul Stevenson Oles, FAIA, '60
1983 Richard W. Payne, FAIA, '60
1982 Robert Messersmith