Texas Tech University

Carol of Lights Informational Chart

19591 none 
19602 none 
19613 none 
19624 none 
19635 Peace on Earth,
Good will to men
19646 Peace on Earth,
Good will to men
19657 Peace on Earth,
Good will to men
19668 Peace on Earth,
Good will to men
19679 Peace on Earth,
Good will to men
196810 Peace  
196911 ? 
197012 Silent Night of Jouyous Light  
197113 Come they told me  
197214 Carol of Lights was not held during this year 
197315Debbie DowdLight of Hope 
197416Tory Olejer Light of Hope  
197517Mike Winter Silent Night of Jouyous Light  
197618Mark Wells The Bells were heard upon the Lighting of the World  
197719Jennifer Phelps Light the World with Christmas Joy  
197820Karla Neely Peace  
197921Cherly Birkes An Eternity of Light  
198022Gary Duran A light Seen Around the World  
198123Mary Beth Taylor Light the World with Love  
198224Celeste Anselmi & Diedra Murray All things Bright and Beautiful  
198325Celeste Anselmi & Laura Sheehy 25 years and still shining bright  
198426Ardith Hill & Hayden Mitchell Golden moments  
198527Ardith Hill & Hayden Mitchell An Old Fashioned Christmas  
198628Mark Worthington & Kristy Hurt The Brightest Night of the Year 
198729Nina Allen & Kristy Hurt A shining Light through the Darkness  
198830Scott Kafora & Nina Allen The Shining Tradition  
198931Bob Moyer & Heidi Eyler Love Shining Bright  
199032Bob Moyer & Heidi Eyler A light of Hope  
199133Zippi Geron Light of a new beginning  
199234Zippi Geron The lights shine On  
199335Richard DeShields & Kathleen Graw Light of Tomorrow  
199436Eric Crouch & Bryan Meadows Lights… the tradition continues  
199537Lovis Hilliard Shining Bright 
199638Chris Campise & Ryan Klemer Shining Raider Spirit  
199739Stacey Reed Raider Reflections  
199840 40 Years of Illumination  
199941Wendy O'ConnorThe Best of the Millennium  
200042 Timeless perfections  
200143 Carol of Lights: 43 Years of Celebrating Bright Futures  
200244 Carol of Lights: 44 years of Growing Closer  
200345 45 years of our Brightest Traditions  
200446 Shining Through the Night 
200547 A Season to Remember 
200648 In the Moment  
200749 Lighting the Way  
200850Ben Bronson 50 Years of Shining Bright Gold & Red
200951Jesse Saldivar Lighting the part for tomorrow  
201052Loran PolsonLighting the New Era Red, Black, and White
201153Nicholas Lamy & Erin Evans Light Up the Night Navy Blue, Silver, and White
201254Erin Evans Illuminate! Purple, White, Silver
201355Megan Hatcher55 years of Magical Memories Dark Blue, Red, Silver/ White
201456Jarrett Fullington & Zach Taylor Celebrating Spirit & Tradition Red, Black, and Gold
201557Jarrett Fullington & Alyssa GloverTech the HallsRed, Green, and White
201658Tera StinesThe Stars at Night: Raiders Shine BrightPurple, Green, Silver
201759Jonathan BishopMiracle on Memorial CircleBlue, and Gold
201860Isaiah MayfieldA Light That Lasts a LifetimeRed, White, and Gold
201961Christopher AllenThe Night of 20,000 LightsNavy, Silver, and White
202062Juan CaballeroThe Matador LightsLilac, Silver, and White