Texas Tech University


Professing Excellence Past Honorees


  • Rula Al-Hmoud - Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Irina Drigalenko - Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Dr. Catharine Franklin - History
  • Dr. Harvinder Gill - Chemical Engineering
  • Dr. Jeff Hanson - Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Alice Anne Light - School of Music
  • Emily Phillips - Marketing
  • David Spears - Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering
  • Dr. Karen Spears - Teacher Education Department
  • Ian Stark - English


  • Bhagya Athukorallage, Ph. D. - Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Nik Dhurandhar, Ph. D. - Helen Devit Jones Endowed Chair, Department Chairperson of Nutritional Sciences
  • Robert Giovannetti, M.A. - Adjust Instructor, College of Media and Communications
  • Utku Gulbulak, Ph. D. - Instructor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jenna LaFreniere, Ph. D. - Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
  • Manoj Manna, Ph. D. - Instructor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Dimitri Pappas, Ph. D. - Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Zhe Wang, Ph. D. - Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences
  • Virginia Whealton, Ph. D. - Assistant Professor, School of Music
  • Carol Williams, M. S. - Lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics


  • Dr. Boker Agili, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Kristen Bigbee, Accounting
  • Dr. Gail Bentley, University Studies
  • Brittney Golden, Psychological Sciences
  • Yamato Kitahashi, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Jill Davis, Marking and Supply Chain Management
  • Dr. Dominick Casadonte, Chemistry
  • Dr. Harold Gurrola, Geology and Geophysics
  • Dr. James Wetherbe, Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences
  • Dr. Atul Parvatiyar, Marketing and Supply Chain Management