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Cosas de Sevilla #6, Spring 2018

21 febrero 2018

Dear Friends and Family of The Texas Tech University Center in Sevilla,

¡Hola! This past week was a quiet week as far as official trips. However, our students will tell you that this was a busy and somewhat stressful week, as the professors managed to administer quizzes and/or exams in every class. Those that are in the dance class are really starting to get the hang of it and have a great time, and the students are enjoying their Wednesday night tutoring sessions.

We did have the opportunity on Wednesday the 14th to attend a theater production of one of Spanish most well-known Golden Age poets and playwrights, Lope de Vega. Lope was a contemporary of William Shakespeare. He was a very prolific writer, author of some 800+ plays of which over 400 are still in existence, and some 80 are considered as masterpieces. It is said that he could write a three act play in verse in a 24 hour period. He loved the cloak and dagger tragicomedy of love, honor, and intrigue. We saw an example of this type drama in a beautiful theater in Sevilla appropriately name the Lope de Vega Theater. We were seated in the middle balcony.

Lope de Vega Theater Lope de Vega Theater

I am taking the opportunity of a shorter "cosas" to introduce you to the administrative and teaching staff for Sevilla as well as the language assistants who come into class two times a week to work with the students on their oral skills.

Language Assistants

Language Assistants Laura, Carolina, Rocío and Fran (the guy).

administrative and teaching staff

Gilberto García – 1607 Spanish instructor
Dr. Doug Inglis - Director of the TTU Center and History Professor
Dr. Sara Pink - Assistant Director and upper level Spanish professor
Dr. Connie Scarborough - Upper level Spanish professor
Dr. Fred Suppe - Professor Emeritus TTU, and Roman specialist
Dr. Lorum Stratton – Professor Emeritus TTU, and Asst. Assistant Director

Hasta la próxima,