Texas Tech University

MGT 4382 | Internship in Management

MGT 4382 is a special learning program designed to assist students in gaining practical experience in their field of study.

Internship Procedures

Student Internship Procedural Responsibilities:

1. Review MGT 4382 Syllabus

Student should review the MGT 4382 Intern Syllabus to determine the requirements for a student to receive course credit for an internship.

2. Find an Internship

Student should find an internship through the RAWLS Career Fair, the RAWLS CMC, or simply on your own.

3. Submit MGT 4382 Credit Request Form

Student should complete and submit for approval, the Request for MGT 4382 Internship Credit form. 

The Request for Internship Credit form should be completed before the semester in which the student will complete the internship and before the student begins the work of the internship. 

4. Permit to Register Issued by Rawls Undergraduate Services Center

Students will receive approval, request for more information, or denial from their assigned Internship Advisor within one week of submission.

If the request for MGT 4382 is approved, the student will receive an email indicating who will be their instructor for the MGT 4382 course. 

If approval is achieved, the Request for Internship Credit form will be forwarded to the Advising Center who will issue the student a permit to register for the course. 

5. Consult with Internship Advisor

After enrollment in the internship program, the student will consult with their Internship Instructor as needed during the semester.

6. Notify your Internship Advisor at the start of your last week of work

Student must notify the Internship Advisor at the beginning of the last week of work. The Internship Advisor will initiate the Supervisor Evaluation of the Intern.

7. Complete Internship Experiences Journal

Throughout the internship, the student will complete the journal explained in the Syllabus.

8. Submit End of Internship Assignment

After completion of the internship, student will complete the MGT 4382 End of Internship assignment as indicated in the Syllabus and submit it to Blackboard within one week of the end of the internship. 


Dr. Caren Fullerton 

Office: E355
Office Hours: TBA
Ph: 806.834.8580