Texas Tech University

Colton & Alyson Hass

Founders, Vinglacé
BBA, General Business, 2000; BS, Human Sciences, 2000
2023 Innovation Award

Alyson and Colton are a power couple whose diverse journeys have converged to create a dynamic and inspiring story. Alyson's educational pursuit led her to a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, igniting her passion for the intricate link between health and food. Transitioning from pharmaceutical sales to entrepreneurship, she now thrives in her role at the family business, seamlessly managing customer service, content creation, and retailer communications. Her devotion to holistic well-being shines through her dedication to physical and mental health, while her cherished moments with her children, Blake and Claire, enrich her life.

Complementing Alyson's journey is Colton, armed with a business degree from Texas Tech. His entrepreneurial spirit flourished as he founded a mortgage trading business, later transitioning into portfolio management, where his keen market insights thrived. Colton's venture into commodity trading, particularly natural gas, spanned a decade before his revolutionary invention disrupted the beverage industry. His innovative product eliminated the need for ice to keep wine chilled, leaving an indelible mark on wine enthusiasts.

Amidst their professional triumphs, family remains paramount for Colton. As a dedicated father of two, he finds joy in coaching his children's sports teams, imparting values of diligence and positivity. Alyson and Colton's partnership epitomizes collaboration, as they seamlessly merge their skills to expand business horizons.

Together, Alyson and Colton embody a journey shaped by passion, excellence, and familial values. Alyson's educational foundation, business acumen, and commitment to well-being converge with Colton's entrepreneurial ventures, market expertise, and inventive spirit, showcasing the power of unity and purpose.

Colton & Alyson Hass, 2023 G.O.L.D. Award