Texas Tech University

Mindy Laudermill

Founder and Co-owner of Chalk Mountain Services of Texas, LLC
BBA, Management, University of Arlington 1996
2023 Honorary Alumni Award

Mindy's journey to excellence began at Texas Tech University, where she developed her passion for management and accounting and was a member of the Pom Squad. She later earned her business management degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. 

Upon graduation, Mindy embarked on a dynamic career in Finance and business development within the corporate realm. She honed her skills within Fortune 500 giants like Computer Sciences Corp, TXU Energy, and ADP.

In 2006, in collaboration with her brother Truitt, father Max, and longtime associate Gerald Curry, Chalk Mountain Services of Texas, LLC was founded. The company's humble beginnings with a single truck hauling production and flowback water in the Barnett Shale laid the foundation for its expansion.

Recognizing the need for a dedicated saltwater disposal well to better serve their clients, Mindy and her partners initiated the development of a new venture. Metro SWD, a cutting-edge facility, was brought to life in 2009 through their efforts and investor support.

Chalk Mountain Services of Texas has evolved into the preeminent leader in water and sand transportation across Texas and New Mexico. The company's unwavering commitment to quality service and hard work has propelled it to the forefront of the oil and gas service sector.

Beyond her professional success, Mindy cherishes her family and community. Alongside her husband Ryan and daughter Izzy, she resides in Glen Rose, TX. She's an advocate for children's education, a strong supporter of Texas Tech, and deeply connected to her faith in Jesus, showcasing her journey of growth, excellence, and dedication.
Mindy Laudermill, 2023 Honorary Alumni Award