Texas Tech University

Accounting Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Accelerated B.B.A. to M.S. in Accounting Program and the M.S.A. program?

The B.B.A. to M.S. Program in Accounting is an accelerated program where students earn both a bachelor's and master's degree simultaneously. In the accelerated program, the B.B.A. and M.S.A. curricula are integrated, allowing students to count two classes toward both their undergraduate and graduate requirements. Thus, the integrated program allows students to receive both degrees after completing required coursework.

Do I have to complete the M.S.A. program in order to take the CPA exam?

No, you do not necessarily have to complete our M.S.A. program in order to fulfill the CPA requirements. It is, however, advantageous to complete the program because you will earn your master's degree AND satisfy both the minimum number of credit hours and the specific courses required to sit for the CPA exam.

When is the deadline to apply for the M.S.A. program?

July 1st - Fall entry, Dec. 1st - Spring entry, May 1st Summer entry. International students apply by Jan. 15th - for Fall entry only.

What information will I need in order to complete the M.S.A. application?

To complete the M.S.A. application, you will need to submit the following: two letters of recommendation, GMAT scores*, undergraduate GPA, course grades for all Accounting courses, and an essay. *Students who have completed their upper division Accounting courses at Texas Tech may substitute SAT or ACT scores for the GMAT.

How many Accounting courses must I complete before applying to the M.S.A. program? Are there any required courses that must be completed?

You must have completed at least nine credit hours of upper division Accounting courses before you apply to the M.S.A. program. Twelve hours is preferred. Equally important, students should be in position such that they can begin graduate courses by the following Fall semester; this generally requires that student have completed at least 76 hours, including at least nine upper division hours in Accounting.

What are the leveling courses that students need to have completed before beginning the graduate-level Accounting courses (applicable to students with bachelor's degree in a different area of study)?

You will need to complete all of the Accounting courses (and associated prerequisites) required for the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. Please meet with John Masselli if you have a special request and do not plan on pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting.

If I earn a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and am unable to pursue an M.S.A., what possible careers could I pursue?

The Rawls College of Business Career Management Center (CMC) can provide information about internships, career opportunities, job fairs, statistics, and salaries for students who graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. To learn more about potential opportunities, visit their office in room 119 or visit their website.

What is ACCT 3101, and why do I have to take it?

Accounting 3101 is the orientation seminar to the Accounting program. It serves to introduce our students to the nature of our program—both the benefits and the responsibilities—as well as to the opportunities available to our graduates. It should be taken the first semester of your junior year. It is a prerequisite for ACCT 3305 (Intermediate II), and is required for all students in the undergraduate Accounting program.

Is an internship required for the Accounting degree?

No. Internships are strongly encouraged, but not required.

What is "Meet the Firms," and what are the requirements for participation?

"Meet the Firms" is the primary recruiting event for students wishing to pursue internships in Accounting. It is available only for Accounting majors; students who do not meet the qualifications to major in accounting are not eligible to participate. Meet the Firms takes place during the Spring semester of the junior year. It begins with an early semester series of seminar-style presentations at which students are introduced to the recruiting partners of the School of Accounting. These early semester events are followed in the middle of the semester by dinners and special events sponsored by individual firms at which students get to know the firms and their personnel on a personal level, before the firms begin formal interviews later in the semester. Shortly after the end of the semester, the firms invite intern candidates identified during the semester-long process to their offices for day-long final interviews before internship offers can be made.

Should I register for MGT 4380 for the Spring semester in order to graduate in May with a B.B.A. even if I plan to apply for the M.S.A. program? If I am accepted to the M.S.A. program, will I be able to drop the class?

This decision is up to you and often depends on which semester you plan to graduate, as MGT 4380 should be taken during your final semester. If you are not accepted into the M.S.A. program, you will be required to take MGT 4380 in order to complete the requirements for a B.B.A. in Accounting. However, MGT 4380 is not a required course if you are accepted to the M.S.A. program. Unfortunately, depending on when you apply, you may not be informed of the M.S.A. program acceptance until after the University add/drop deadlines.

Do I still need to take ENGL 3365 in order to fulfill the M.S.A. program requirements if I have already taken COMS 2358?

Yes, you will need to take ENGL 3365 if you plan on pursuing an M.S.A. (even if you have already taken COMS 2358). The COMS 2358 is only applicable to students solely pursuing a B.B.A. For specific questions about this requirement, please contact John Masselli.