Texas Tech University

Bill Gardner Travels to Germany to Present at Theory Building Workshop

Kaitlin York


Bill Gardner, Ph.D., Jerry S. Rawls Chair in Leadership and director of the Institute for Leadership Research, travelled to Münster, Germany to present a theory building workshop at the Institute of Psychology at Münster University the week of Feb. 12. He was invited by Professor Guido Hertel, the managing director of the institute, to enhance the theory-building skills of doctoral students and affiliated faculty.

"Working with such a vibrant research community as the Institute of Psychology at Münster University to deliver this workshop is a win-win proposition for both the Rawls College and the Institute," said Gardner. "Together, we strengthened the theoretical foundations of their ongoing applied research projects, while also advancing the strategic mission of the college to foster global and impactful research partnerships."

The Institute of Psychology focuses on a wide array of experimental and field research projects ranging from the study of digitization of work, to virtual teams, to e-leadership, to motivation gains in groups, to forced migration in Europe. Topics covered in the workshop included construct definitions, theoretical frameworks, writing propositions, boundary conditions of theory, levels of analysis and theory borrowing.

"My visit was great – the members of the Institute of Psychology were incredible hosts, teaching me about the rich history of Münster, treating me to delicious German cuisine and giving me insights into the local culture. The visit also planted the seeds for future interdisciplinary studies that will combine our expertise in leadership, psychology, work teams and business management to address pressing work challenges, such as leadership in virtual teams and worker productivity in a digitized environment," said Gardner.