Texas Tech University

RBLP Welcomes Alumnus, Advisory Council Member Greg Hall

Chelsea Grunden

Greg Hall


Greg Hall, CPA, CFP, managing director of private wealth management at Tolleson Wealth Management, spoke with Rawls Business Leadership Program (RBLP) students March 23. His visit consisted of a luncheon with a small group of the students and a formal presentation to all RBLP students later in the day.

Hall received his M.S. (cum laude) in Accounting with a tax concentration from Texas Tech University in 1994. He currently serves as a primary contact and coordinator for all private wealth management client services at Tolleson Wealth Management. He manages the comprehensive financial planning and oversight process for clients by identifying, implementing and monitoring strategies that meet each client's investment, financial and wealth-transfer needs. Hall also serves on Tolleson Private Wealth Management's Management Committee and Investment Committee.

During the luncheon, Hall shared his professional background with the students. After graduating with his M.S. in 1994, he worked for KPMG, where he became a senior manager before leaving in 2001. He was hired at Tolleson Wealth Management in 2001 as the company's fifth employee. Hall said he has enjoyed watching the company grow to 160 employees and 160 clients, while it still maintains the same intimacy and closeness with its clients as it did in the beginning. He said he enjoys that the company fosters an environment of teamwork in which no employee feels the need to compete with his or her colleagues.

After students introduced themselves, Hall inquired about their future plans. He offered advice to upcoming graduates about finding a job that fits their personality the best. He stressed the importance of students deciding where they fit best, how to know when to leave a place that is not a good fit and feeling satisfaction in their jobs.

In his presentation to the RBLP class, Hall emphasized the importance of working hard, understanding the needs of clients, continuing to learn beyond the classroom and being an authentic leader. In Hall's experience with leading, he has learned the importance of partnering with colleagues who have complementary strengths, coaching young talent, showing humility and openness and empathizing when there are tensions or concerns.

Hall has served on the Rawls College Advisory Council since 2013. In addition, he is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants and is a certified financial planner and investment advisor representative. Hall also serves on the advisory council for the Dallas Foundation and several private company boards.