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Feruzan Irani Williams Analyzes National Job Market for WalletHub

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Jerry S. Rawls College of Business associate professor, Feruzan Irani Williams, contributes on panel of experts in WalletHub article, 2018's Best & Worst States for Jobs. Feruzan Irani Williams answers the following questions: most and least threatened jobs by automation and the innovation of robotic technology; fields expecting highest job growth rate in the next 10 years; and how much longer the job report will continue to show growth.

WalletHub's website features are supplemented by reviews of financial products, professionals and companies and a diverse community of subject matter experts. In the process of ranking the best and worst states for jobs, WalletHub panel of experts compared all 50 states based on the two dimensions of job market and economic environment. Other factors used to compare states were job opportunities; employment growth; monthly average starting salary; unemployment rate; median annual income; time spent working and commuting; and job satisfaction.

2018's Best & Worst States for Jobs Article highlights from expert, Feruzan Irani Williams:

• Jobs most threatened by automation are the heavily labor-reliant jobs that require lower skill sets, due to increase technology and paramount labor costs. Least threatened jobs by automation are the intellectually-based jobs, which require cognitive capabilities and excessive creativity.

• The fields expecting the highest growth rate within the next 10 years are renewable energy, medicine, and information technology/information systems.

• The job report will continue to grow, if we invest in the education systems. The "single greatest threat" to jobs in the US are the cuts made to education investments, not immigration, globalization, or automation, which in fact could be used to benefit the job report if we foster education and skill growth here.

• Overall best state for jobs: Washington; Overall worst state for jobs: West Virginia

To read the full WalletHub article, click here.

Senior editor of WalletHub contacted Feruzan Irani Williams, and invited her to participate on the panel of experts to share her insights on the questions circulated about the current job market. The WalletHub article, "will help readers understand information that is not obvious when analyzing the job market," Feruzan Irani William states. With a passion for sharing her views, Feruzan Irani Williams, "saw this as another extension to educate those seeking information beyond my teachings at Texas Tech University."

Dr. Feruzan Irani Williams

About Feruzan Irani Williams
Feruzan Irani Williams, associate professor of practice, advisor for the Texas Tech student chapter Society of Human Resource Management, director at the Rawls College of Business of the Human Resource Management Program, and the Rawls Summer Business Institute. With expertise in organizational behavior and human resource management, Feruzan Irani Williams has a broad range of publications, professional experience, honors and awards, and research interests. She enjoys sharing her views, and has participated in many Q&A interviews with Lubbock Business Inc.