Texas Tech University

Doctoral Student Set to Publish in Journal of Business Research

April Chavez

Dr. KT Manis

Dr. KT Manis, a 2018 graduate of Texas Tech's Hospitality Administration program and current Rawls College of Business doctoral student in the area of marketing, recently had a research paper accepted for publication by the Journal of Business Research.

Established in 1973, the Journal of Business Research is a monthly, peer-reviewed academic journal that covers all aspects of business research. Utilized by business executives, researchers, and scholars alike, the journal aims to help connect empirical research to practical situations and theoretical findings to the reality of the business world.

Manis' article titled, "The Virtual Reality Hardware Acceptance Model (VR-HAM): Extending and Individuating the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) for Virtual Reality Hardware Acceptance," examines the challenges concerning the future of virtual reality hardware as related to content creation, consumer acceptance, and return on investment. Due to the broad audience of the journal's readership, Manis believes his research article has the potential to impact multiple disciplines and research areas related to virtual reality.

"Virtual reality is still an emerging technology as evidenced by the low adoption rate among consumers," said Manis. "While there is great potential for the future, the technology is still being refined to provide more practical uses to both firms and consumers. This article will attract a variety of readers with interests from innovation adoption and the early adoption period to consumer curiosity."

The paper is co-authored by Dr. Danny Choi, Assistant Professor of Hospitality & Retailing Management in the College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech University. Manis began working with Choi in August of 2017 while he was working on his Ph.D. in Hospitality Administration.

"The experiments related to this journal article provided an opportunity to bridge my interested in technology adoption research with his interests in tourism research," said Manis. "Now that we have collected data, we plan to continue working together to submit manuscripts to other journals."

Manis said the publication of this article is a giant first step in his academic career. "It is significant because it is my first publication, it provides creditability to my research, and it substantiates opportunities for future research."

Manis plans to continue publishing and working with faculty in the Rawls College of Business to advance his marketing knowledge. Upon graduation, Manis would like to pursue a tenure-track faculty position at a top-tier research institution.

The article will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Business Research titled, "Virtual Reality in Marketing: Emerging Opportunities in Research and Practice." A release date has not been set at this time.

Update: The article has now been published and can be accessed here.