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Texas Tech Real Estate Organization Competes in Investment Challenge

Megan Childers

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The Real Estate Organization (REO) at Texas Tech University in the Rawls College of Business is competing in the 2018 Real Confidence University Challenge (RCUC). The 2018 competition takes places from January to the end of December and includes quarterly rankings for each competing university throughout the year. RCUC is a virtual simulation investment competition comprised of 38 universities and colleges with over 195 students. Winning schools can receive up to $50,000 for their institution by producing the top performing portfolio for the year.

Texas Tech's REO has placed third overall in 2017 and results for this year will be posted at the end of December. Participating students have to decide on how to allocate a hypothetical $1 million dollars through their knowledge of public markets.

"The competition presents an exercise in which majority of students have not done before," said Jared Harrell, J. D., Department of Finance. "Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) are only a small percentage of real estate market so it is an exposure opportunity they didn't know existed."

Students gain confidence working with REIT's doing the simulation and enjoy tracking the results of their allocations. By participating in the competition, students begin to seek understanding why different sectors perform in different ways.

"It gives you something to put on your resume that you can truly speak to by having real experience doing it. The challenge is directly applicable and it is appealing to employers" Harrell said.

REO is an extracurricular organization for students interested in real estate and is open to all majors. REO students participate in industry trips and case competitions each semester. The goal of the organization is to help students interested in real estate get jobs and exposure to the industry.

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