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Rawls College Receives Global Ranking from Bloomberg

Staci Semrad

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The Jerry S. Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University made Bloomberg Businessweek's exclusive list of best global business schools released this week.

The publication places the MBA program of Rawls College of Business at 105th on the list of top schools worldwide in the publication's 2018 global ranking.

"We are thankful to our faculty, staff, students and alumni for this ranking and congratulate them all," said Dr. Mayukh Dass, associate dean of graduate programs and research in the Rawls College of Business. "Without their continuous dedication and feedback, we could not have achieved the level of quality necessary to be one of the best in the world."

Bloomberg Businessweek also evaluated each school's performance in four different subcategories for the global ranking. Rawls College of Business ranks highest in the learning category, coming in at No. 50 on the list. In the other categories, it ranks 84th entrepreneurship, 108th in compensation, and 108th in networking.

"As per the Bloomberg ranking methodology, being ranked as a top 50 program in terms of learning and top 100 in terms of entrepreneurship means that our students receive high quality, real-world business content in class, and students see entrepreneurship as central to their overall training," Dass said. "They also receive considerable inspiration and support from our faculty members. We value these recognitions because they resonate with the strategic plan of Texas Tech University."

Bloomberg Businessweek based the global ranking of programs on its survey this past year of 26,699 MBA students, alumni and recruiters about their goals and experiences, as well as on job placement and compensation data from each school. The publication placed on its website a few comments it received from students and alumni of the Rawls College of Business:

• "Overall it was solid, relative to the cost."

• "I thought the face to face interaction with professors and students was so important to learning, and also networking for the future."

• "The hybrid online and in person program allowed me to work full time, but also gave me access to professors face to face and a cohort to collaborate with."

Rawls College of Business ranks 80th in Bloomberg Businessweek's 2018 ranking of top MBA schools in the U.S., released in November. Here is a summary of the school's rankings this year by Bloomberg Businessweek:


U.S. Ranking  Global Ranking

80 105

43 50

66 84

80 108

82 108

The Rawls College of Business offers five MBA programs – a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) MBA, a professional MBA, an online MBA, a pathway to STEM MBA, and a dual degree MBA program that allows students to pursue an MBA in conjunction with another master's degree.

Dass views Rawls College's high standing in these rankings as a reflection of its commitment to quality and excellence: "This shows that 'From here, it's possible!'"

Visit rawlsmba.com to learn more about MBA programs in the Rawls College of Business.