Texas Tech University

Rawls College to Host Big XII+ M.I.S. Conference

Staci Semrad

Rawls College building

Information systems scholars from the Big XII schools and beyond will gather at the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business this weekend for the 17th Annual Big XII+ MIS Research Symposium.

Participants will discuss emerging technologies that are reshaping individuals' behaviors and how business is conducted.

"Emerging technologies are changing our environment and the way we live," said Jaeki Song, the Jerry S. Rawls Professor of Management Information Systems and the area coordinator for Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences (ISQS).

Jaeki SongThese technologies have produced robust app and shared economies, as well as other favorable outcomes, but have also given rise to increased business costs and a number of privacy and security issues, he said.

"One challenge for businesses is ascertaining the value and return on investment of information technologies," Song said. "So we are addressing these kinds of issues and trying to provide answers to these questions."

Colleges and universities take turns hosting the annual conference. This year's event, hosted by Rawls College's Area of ISQS, kicks off Friday evening with a reception and continues Saturday and Sunday with presentations by doctoral students and junior faculty members on a range of topics. Their presentations will be based on their research in the broad categories of behavioral information systems, business value of information technology, privacy and security, and health care.

More than 80 people are expected to attend the conference, including junior faculty members and doctoral students from Texas Tech's Area of ISQS and their counterparts from:
• Baylor University
• Iowa State University
• Kansas State University
• Middle Tennessee State University
• Oklahoma State University
• Texas A&M, San Antonio
• Texas Tech University
• University of Arkansas
• University of Colorado, Denver
• University of Houston
• University of Texas at Austin
• University of Texas at Dallas
• West Virginia University
• Wichita State University

For more info about the conference, visit www.depts.ttu.edu/rawlsbusiness/about/isqs/big12/ or contact Jaeki Song.