Texas Tech University

Rawls College Recognizes Excellence

April Chavez


The Jerry S. Rawls College of Business honored some of its most exceptional students, staff and faculty Wednesday during a college-wide town hall meeting.

The annual spring event recognized many outstanding individuals at Rawls College for their leadership, innovation, length of service, academic and professional excellence, and school spirit.

During the event, Dean Margaret L. Williams expressed appreciation to everyone who works hard to advance the mission of Rawls College.

View photos from the event.

The following individuals were recognized during this year's meeting:

Accounting Excellence Award from the Texas Society of CPAs
Robert Rodriguez

Student Award from the Federation of Schools of Accountancy
Courtney Bartholomew

Doctoral Student Excellence in Teaching Awards
Accounting - Danielle Gant
Finance - Bobby Merriman
ISQS - William Graue
Management - Lindsey Duke
Marketing - MD Tarique Newaz

Doctoral Student Excellence in Research Awards
Accounting - Stacy Chavez
Finance - Ahmed Baig
ISQS - Kevin Harmon
Management - Nathan Hayes
Marketing - KT Manis

Excellence in Faculty Service Award
Claudia Cogliser (MGT)

Excellence in Teaching Award
Glenn Browne (ISQS)

Carl & Linda Stem Distinguished Faculty Research Award
Will Armstrong (FIN)

Integrated Scholar of the Year Award
Andrea Romi (ACCT)

Top Staff Awards
Kamerin Schact (MSCM) | Spring 2018
Hailey Walker (CMC) | Summer 2018
Kellie Estes (ENCO) | Fall 2018

Excellence in IT Innovation Award
Rawls Testing Center

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor of the Year Award
Feruzan Irani Williams (Women in Business & Society for Human Resource Management)

Elected Member of the Texas Tech University Teaching Academy
Jeffrey Harper (MSCM)
Matthew Hart (ACCT)

President's Leadership Institute Graduate
Andrea Romi (ACCT)

Institute for Inclusive Excellence Fellow
Deidre Popovich (MSCM)

TTU Ethics Center Award
Mike Ryan (MGT)

Texas Academic Leadership Academy Fellow
Kirsten Cook (ACCT)

Emeritus Faculty Certificates
Zhangxi Lin (ISQS)

Paul Whitfield Horn Professor Recognition
Shelby Hunt (MKTG)
Peter Westfall (ISQS)

Length of Service Recognition

5 Years
Derek Abrams (BECO)
Julie Brannan (BACS)
Angela Buck (USC)
Eric Cardella (BECO)
April Chavez (C&M)
Kirsten Cook (ACCT)
Gary Fleischman (ACCT)
Alejandra Marin (MSCM)
Madison Proctor (USC)
Bradley Rogers (MGT)
Joshua Sears (MGT)
Ken Serrano (ELC)
Michelle Greenlee (BACS)
Erica Williams (BACS)
Kelsey Zickefoose (GRAD)

10 Years
Mayukh Dass (DO)
Michael Giberson (BECO)
Junior Perez (CGE)
Michael Ryan (MGT)

15 Years
Ryan Todd (ER&E)
Tyge Payne (MGT)
Archie Pitsilides (DO)

20 Years
Glenn Browne (ISQS)
Francisco Delgadillo (ISQS)
John Masselli (ACCT)
Kathryn Suchy (BACS)

30 Years
Robert Ricketts (ACCT)

35 Years
Peter Westfall (ISQS)

45 Years
James Burns (ISQS)

50 Years
Jerome Schuetzeberg (ENCO)