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AWESOME Awards Two Rawls College Supply Chain Management Students with Excellence in Education Scholarship

Jacob Gordon

July 6, 2021

Awesome Scholarship

Along with financial assistance, the Excellence in Education Scholarship offers its winners networking opportunities within the supply chain management field.

Gabby Elliott and Keali LaMar, two supply chain management students in the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business, were awarded the Excellence in Education Scholarship from Achieving Women's Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education (AWESOME). Along with the $5,000 financial award, the scholarship gives Elliott and LaMar an opportunity to attend the AWESOME Symposium and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Edge Conference.

Founded in 2013, AWESOME helps connect and network women leaders in the supply chain management field. There are now more than 1,500 women in the AWESOME community, which now includes Elliott and LaMar.

The supply chain management major at Rawls College helps students develop the knowledge and skills needed to secure key roles in companies managing the transportation, distribution, and sourcing of goods.

Gabby Elliott
Gabby Elliott

Elliott was originally interested in the supply chain management major because she felt the field was growing and offered a wide range of opportunities.

“After researching the major further, I found that the field also suited my skills,” said Elliott. “I would be able to apply my organization, communication and problem-solving skills in a dynamic role that is applicable to virtually every industry.”

Keali LaMar
Keali LaMar

For LaMar, it was a combination of career prospects and the size of the major that led her to supply chain management.

“I chose this major early on in my college career,” said LaMar. “I knew that it had a near perfect job placement and the major size was small. As I developed in my major, I realized that my critical thinking skills were maximized through supply chain. I take a lot of pride in taking on multiple tasks and seeing them come to fruition.”

According to placement surveys conducted by the Rawls Career Management Center, the job placement for supply chain managers often approaches or reaches 100% with an average starting salary over $53,000.

With the size of the major and its classes being a little smaller, LaMar was able to develop stronger relationships with the faculty. LaMar really appreciated the faculty's dedication to offering students more personalized help and aiding students to obtain internships.

Currently, both Elliott and LaMar are completing their second internships. Elliott is completing a summer internship with Cisco Systems in their demand planning team and LaMar is completing her internship with Frito-Lay in their supply chain division at the Dallas Service Center Warehouse.

As Elliott and LaMar prepare to graduate in December 2021 with their bachelor's degrees in supply chain management, AWESOME's Excellence in Education award provided a confidence boost as they turn their attention pivoting from being students to being professionals.

“Throughout the application process, I was able to highlight my academic, professional and leadership experience,” said Elliott. “It's reassuring to see that those experiences were valued and well-received by current supply chain leaders.”

“The award reinforced my decision to pursue a career in supply chain management,” said LaMar.

 While the financial assistance is certainly appreciated, Elliott and LaMar are excited at the potential support and networking opportunities that come with the Excellence in Education Award.

“It's an honor to receive this award from AWESOME,” said Elliott. “Given AWESOME's focus on supporting women in supply chain and in leadership, it's exciting to be identified as a scholar with potential in those groups. I'm looking forward to building a network of women in supply chain, developing my leadership skills and sharing what I learn with other women in the Texas Tech Supply Chain Management program.”

“Winning an award from AWESOME and knowing the organization supports women in supply chain operations inspires me,” said LaMar.  “[Having] the support of thousands of other women in supply chain roles motivates me now and will continue to do so throughout my professional career.”