Texas Tech University

About RISE



RISE exists to create a community of informed, respectful students who promote a campus culture valuing holistic wellness. 


RISE empowers Texas Tech students to live vital, meaningful lives through comprehensive prevention education.

What is RISE?

The RISE (Risk Intervention & Safety Education) office at Texas Tech University is the central office for prevention education and the promotion of well-being at Texas Tech University.

RISE is inspired and guided by the ACHA Standards of Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education, The Okanagan Charter, and Healthy Universities: Introduction and Model.

The RISE office works to implement evidence-informed and theory-based strategies that are prevention focused, culturally competent and inclusive, and support student success. RISE recognizes that promoting well-being and preventing harm requires a collaborative approach in which we work side-by-side with partners across campus to support a university environment that is optimal for student success and learning. RISE is guided by the dimensions of wellness to measure holistic well-being.

Our Framework

RISE believes in and implements a socioecological approach to health promotion and prevention education. We strive to implement a broad set of prevention strategies that recognize the interconnectedness of individuals, peer relationships, communities, and societies.

Social Ecological Model